Thursday, 11 April 2013

Before Sunrise

In a scary dark world there was a lonely shadow.  His eyes glow in the moonlight light. He has a twirl at the top of his head.The strange creature is skinny and moves slowly.  He has black lips and they don't say much.

The shadow was sitting on a chair.  He sighed. He was not like the other shadows.  He did not belong.  

He was lonely but he knew there was more to life.  Bravely he stepped out into the dark night to begin his journey.

As he walked the Shadow saw that the tops of the roofs were like they were made from ginger bread. 
Suddenly he sees some golden light that is shining out of a library.  He had to find out what it was.

After climbing up the giant steps, finally he got inside.  He looked around and gasped.  There were stacks of dusty books of all sorts everywhere.   
Something caught his eye.  On the table was a candle.  She looked alive and turned with a shy rosy blush.   Her eyes twinkled like golden stars in the moonlight.

Suddenly the candle was blown out.  The Shadow was very sad and cuddled the base of the candle.  Her smoke came up and fluttered in the air then she turned in to a person just like him.  Finally he saw her and they kissed.



  1. Estee, you have done a really good job of describing the Shadow. I know how he looks and what he is feeling. I also love the way you have described the candle as well:
    She looked alive and turned with a shy rosy blush. Her eyes twinkled like golden stars in the moonlight.

    To make this story even better, you might want to try changing the words so they all say it happened in the past.
    His eyes glowed, he moved slowly and his lips didn't say much.

  2. I am so proud of my self i love all i think i should work on putting more words in to it ESTEE

  3. Well done Estee, what a fantastic story.
    You used some great descriptive words.

    1. To Lorraine,
      Thanks for the comment Estee will be happy about the great comment you wrote.
      From Lucy and Chloe


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