Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Before Sunrise

In a dark village filled with gingerbread houses full of sleeping people his a lonely shadow.  His face is  shaped like a fish and his eyes are bright and sparkling white.  He looks skinny and boney.   

He decided to leave the shadows and search for something better.  Suddenly a glow shines in the moonlight like an orange sun.  He was creeping and climbing, jumping to get to the library.  He finally got into the library and was so surprised.   All around him were towers of golden books.  In the corner, on the table  stood a glowing candle fluttering her sparkling lashes.  Suddenly the candle went out and he was so heart broken.  The Shadow bent down and hugged the dark candle. 

The smoke of the candle turned into a shadow like him.  He was so astonished that he doesn’t have to play with the bad people.  He can play with the good shadow.

By Lachie

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  1. Hi! I loved this piece of writing! It was really poetic and descriptive. If you want to can you also check out my school blog?


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