Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Shadow gets a friend

A glowing clock-face shines out of the shadows.  The ticking wakes the silent village.  It ticks through the night as the clouds move slowly.  The village looks like it is made from giant gingerbread houses with pointy roofs that are iced with sparkles like stars.
In the centre of the courtyard silently stands the soldier angel waiting for danger.

Hiding in the darkness are a group of hunched naughty shadows, all except for one.  His eyes light up from the shimmering moon.  His face looks depressed hiding in the dark shadows as he watches the


Surely there is something more to life than this thinks the shadow as he steps out into the night.

After many hours walking he stops and stares at the glimmering light as it shines its way through the window.  The alien loses energy as he climbs step by step. He walked in the room and glazed at the golden books as the books shimmered over him. A noise made him run and bumped into the most amazing thing, a candle. Her eyes flutter as she flirts. Golden sparkles run down her eyes. The alien leans to touch her but he gets burnt. He turns around and leaves thinking, “Why, Why? I thought you were the one!” runs along then stares pipe and stairs at the window. 

The man wakes up and blows out the candle. The alien runs back thinking, “I hope it’s not to late.” He finally gets there.  She does a shimmering dance in the air and...becomes one of them. They are now together.

by Jess 8 years old

1 comment:

  1. Jess, you add clauses to your sentence - extra pieces of information... as the clouds move slowly.....After many hours walking...

    I love the way you have used speech to drive the story on ... and even worked very hard to put the speech marks in correctly...“Why, Why? I thought you were the one!” runs along then stares pipe and stairs at the window.


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