Number Bonds Machine
Play this game for doubles and halves, bonds to 10, ordering numbers, subtraction form 20...

Multiplication Castle Quest
Multiplication Moon Maths
Tables Trees
Fleebur and Spinky
Bracket Basics - great for algebra challenges
Doubles and Halves
Multiple Matrix

Telling the time links:  Heaps of activities here to help you tell the time.

24 Hour Clock acticvity:  Move the analogue clock hands to see what the 24 hour digital time is.

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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages:
Order fractions by view - Balloon Pop
Compare shapes and fractions - Cross the River
Sort simple fractions - Fraction Sort Simple
Match the set and fraction - Fractions of a Set
Split set into 1/2, 1/4, 40ths - 40 Frogs Game
Order Fractions - Fraction Monkeys
Range of all activities - Top Marks Fractions

Name fractions of shapes - levelled - Fraction Bingo
Share, name and compare fractions - levelled - Pizza Fractions

Make simple fractions of a number - Flag Fractions
Make simple fractions of a number - adjustable - What Fraction?
Comparing fractions - Dolphin Race
Ordering Fractions - levelled - Fraction Order
Find numbers between whole numbers - levelled - Decimal Detectives
Order decimals - Decimal Drop
Match Equivalent Fractions - Fraction Frenzy

What is a fraction? - demo
Make Equivalent fractions
DEMO Equivalent Fractions - Fraction Strip
Fraction of numbers - adjust what is there
Discuss Equivalent Fractions - Fraction Bars
Estimate the closest decimal to 2 decimal points - Decimal Darts
Adding and subtracting fractions - Bug Splat
Equivalent fractions - Equivalent Fraction Finder

Co-ordinates: click here to see in share tabs
Transformation Golf:    Use co-ordinates to help plot the fastest route into the hole.  Can you meet the par?
BBC Planet Hop:  Try to reach the planet destination by determining the correct co-ordinates.  Uses all four quadrants.
Dudley - ITP - Interactive teaching object:  Use this leaning object to demonstrate co-ordinates in all four  quadrants.
Virtual Dinosaur Hunt:  Search the first quadrant to dig and find dinosaur remains.  Happy hunting.
Billy Bug 1:  Feed Billy bug in the forst quadrant.  Enter the co-ordinates to feed the bug!
Billy Bug 2:  Feed Billy in all four quadrants by finding the correct co-ordinates.
Hot Maths - catch the fly: Watch the fly land then send the frog to the correct co-ordinates to eat it!  You will need to eventually work in all four quadrants.

Geometry - Triangles, Angles, 2D shapes
  Sequences and Number Patterns:

Links Learning: 
A sequence tutprial followed by activities.  Work through the teaching and then try the challenges.  What have you learned about sequences and patterns?

Colour Patterns:
Fill in the dots to complete the sequence.  Super easy but check that you are watching carefully.

Bitesize Games:
Order the numbers by shooting apples off the tree.  Can you do it with decimals.  There is only one task per level so move on-to another website challenge.  

Guess the Number:
Ask the right question and narrow the target down.  How quickly can you get the answer? 

Main Session Part 1:  Crocodile Dinner:
Compare numbers by looking at the teaching page then try all the examples.  Check your result as you go.  Don't get bitten!

CrickWeb:  Compare numbers:
Choose from 10, 100 or 100.  Drag and drop the sumbol to make it correct.  Remember the crocodiles above - they will help you get it right.

Tower of Hanoi:
Can you organise yourself and get the sequence right?  Move one ring at a time to shift the whole lot over.  Can you reduce your number of moves?

Smart Kiddies - remember your login and password

Click here to see all the activities

Subtraction machine - 3 levels

Jump the n umber line demonstration tool

Counting in 3, 4, 5, ... game

Click on the title to see all the great links for this unit. Dont forget to play Smart kiddies as there will be lots of fractions work on there for you too!

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Probability or Chance:
The fish tank game:  Enter the probability of catching a red fish as a fraction.  Select the level of difficulty.  Have fun fishing!

Spinner practise:  How likely is it that the spinner will land on a specific colour.  You need to use the words certain, likely, unlikely or impossible rather than a fraction.  Give it a spin!

Counting Cards:  What is the chance in fractions of you getting a particular card?  Select the easy or tricky levels. 

Parrot probability:  Read the word problems and select the correct percentage answer. 

Probability Fair:  Use your knowledge opf probability to play and win games at the fair. 

Probability Quiz:  Can you answer all the questions?  Give it a go.

Spooky Sequences:  Find out the rule of the sequence then finish off the pattern. 

Bracket Basics:  Find out how what order to complete the problem in.  Try the more challenging questions. 

Crocodile Number Comparisons: Use the correct symbol to make the sentence true. 

Square Numbers:  Find the mathcing square number ansd the square root. 

Prime Numbers:  What is a prime number?  How do you recognise them?  Try thea exercises to test your ability.