Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Before Sunrise

In the glowing dark the clock stands tall and the Shadow  wondered why he was always in the gloomy darkness.  He stepped to the world of light.   

The village was fast asleep.  There is a sound of evil laughing as the clock keeps ticking out of the darkness. The clock and the statue fountain are guarding the village. 

The Shadow’s eyes got lit up by the moon. The clouds are dancing around up and down around the bright sky.
He moves smoothly and gracefully but his lonely eyes drift down.
Suddenly he sees a gold light stream across the roof and wonders what could be in there.  He creeps towards the building.  

He looks around and sees lots of books piled in towers.  In the corner there is a glowing light that stopped his heart. Suddenly  the candle gets blown out the shadow’s eyes come out in a shock and he is horrified. 

The smoke of the candle dances around.   She turns into a shadow and she feels confused.  He is happy once again because she is a live! 

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  1. Wow, very animated writing Mahora. Great job!


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