Thursday, 27 February 2014

Patrick plays minecraft

On mine-craft I found a whole lot of iron on survival. I made an iron sword and fully iron armour and pick axe.
Then I found one diamond then I put it in a secret chest.
A few days later I found one more diamond so I made diamond sword. Then I made a enchanting table. So I enchanted it and I have still got it. It it will last for ever.
I have also made a massive house and I have made a fun-land where you can play games.


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Beginner Ukulele Lessons

Thanks to Carol who visited our third ukulele lesson ever and took some video of our song.  We are getting better at changing chords and remembering to sing at the same time as playing!

Remember to check out our other favourite player of the ukulele.

Improving Team Work

This morning we looked at a video of us doing a team activity and we were not using many of our team skills.

We made a list of the things we saw that were not using team skills.  We then made a list of what we would expect to see if we were all in the waka and working as a team.

Here is a picture of our ideas.

We were much better at completing the task after we had unpacked what we wanted to see in our team activity.  Take a look at our video.

Kiwi @ Aria's

What makes a team work?

Check out one of our teams from yesterday's activity.  Give them some advice on what makes a team work - especially if you are waiting for your turn?

Monday, 24 February 2014

Kiwi @ Gemma's House

Kiwi at Gemma’s house.

First he played the piano by himself and with Tigey.  

Second he rode on my pony The Duke Of Earl in the stirrup and in the monkey strap. He helped me hold the hose to fill Earl's water trough. He had lots of fun. Except in the evening where Tigey and Kiwi were fighting when I left them downstairs so I brought them upstairs to keep them from fighting but I couldn't stop them.  Now they have finally stopped fighting! I think they were trying to see who is boss. (I think Kiwi is).  

We all read a book before bed. Tigey and Kiwi read a bit of Eeyore and the Balloon Tree.  I read some of Sleepover Stakeout.

Ukulele Inspiration

This is what happens when you practise!  Get your uke out and work on those chord changes team!

Working as a team to graph M & M colours

We worked hard to use our team skills during maths.  Our challenge was to graph the different colours in the M & M container.  Here are our success criteria:

Bar Graph:
Clear title
Numbers on the lines starting at 0
X and Y axis labelled
Ruler used to draw bars

Team Work:
Listen to others
Share ideas
Take turns
Carry out your job
Encourage others
Join in

Reading Bug

The terrible reading disease has hit us. We are obsessed with reading a book. We sneak in edge reading and a long time of reading because we have built up our stamina. We can even read a lots of books in a little number of days. 

This is a terrible reading disease and where will it strike next?  By Quaid

Reading Bug

There is terrible news. Everyone in Room 4 at Springston School has got the reading dieasese. They can not get their noses out of a book. Some of them are stealing free minutes to edge read! So beware, the reading disease will come to you if you always have your nose in a book.

By Maya and Harriet

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Enviro Schools Tree Planting Celebration

If you are coming to the PTA Family Fun Night on Thursday, then roll on up to the Secret Garden at 5.30pm for a special celebration of what we have already achieved as an Enviro School.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Reading Disease really a BUG!

I would like to make a public announcement.

Scientists have discovered that the so-called Reading Disease is actually a bug and should now be called 'The Reading Bug'.  Further research is being done to establish if 'The Reading Bug' is dangerous or actually beneficial.  We will keep you updated with information and photos as we recieve them.

The Reading Disease is spreading!

Breaking news!
21st February 2014, 

Wake Endeavour have got a disease.  They can't stop reading books.  Every nose is in the middle of a book and the teacher has to keep sending them to the library.  We hope their parents don't mind if they read all weekend.

This disease is contagious. It is spead by the sharing of books so watch out.

The symptoms are constant reading of books, collecting magical words and the frequent visiting of the library.  If you are suffereing these symptoms then you might have contracted 'The Reading Disease'.  You should speak to your teachr or closest librarian urgently.

Reported by Sammy

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Public Health Warning

I would like to make a public announcement.

The learners in Waka Endeavour have contracted a disease.  We will observe and keep you updated with photographic evidence and accounts of its spread and potential danger!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Speck @ Sarah's House

Speck dropped from the top of the swing into the play-trough. It made a big splash. Speck got soaking wet. Then Speck sunbathed on a towel in the trailer.

Next he went into the house. We made him a crown. It had a blue gem in the middle of the crown and two tiny gems on the side.

Picture perfect!

We went into the paddock. Blossom our lamb and George our goat were grazing. Speck started riding Blossom and George. George did a trick to show off to Speck but Speck ignored him and got on with riding the animals to show off his moves for the camera.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Spot @ Rosie's House

 'The Phantom Mudder'.  By Darrel and Sally Odgers

Spot and I like 'Dog Detective' because it's funny and there are always mysteries.  Jack solves problems with his super sniffer and his friends. "Jack Russell, the Detective with a nose for crime"

Speck @ Maya's house

Spec came to my house and he spotted the rabbits and said he liked the look of it so we went over he said he liked to see them and hold them the first one he patted was honey and then he sat by hazel honey is 2 years old and also a girl and hazel is 2 and she is a girl . We got them about a month ago  we all love them so much.
From Maya

This is great writing from Maya.  We are going to give her some constructive comments tomorrow to see if we can help her make her writing even better.  Allana

Spec @ Robbie's house or is that on Robbie's horse!

Speck had an adventurous weekend!  Robbie wanted to tell you all about it .......

Speck came to my house. Speck woke me up when it was time to go to the horse show. Mum came to get me up but me and Speck were reading a book. Me and Speck went up to the yard and got my pony Sparky. I love Sparky, and so does Speck!

I went to the horse show and got 5 black ribbons and 1 gold one. I felt good. Speck liked the gold one best. The best bit was the trotting race. Speck cheered me on as he was playing with my toy tractors. My favourite thing is jumping Sparky.

Speck had lots of rides and he loved it. I had to give Speck a bath when we got home because Sparky is hairy and Speck was hairier than he was before!


Speck's Horse-riding Home learning on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Magical Word: Eccentric

Meaning:  A polite way of saying someone is a bit odd. 

Sentence:  Our neighbour is a bit eccentric but he's harmless.

Speck @ Nina's house

Check out Speck making some new friends and enjoying Daily 5.  I am loooking forward to seeing what Nina writes on this post for us.

Three ECO projects for Term 1

There are three amazing projects to start 2014 for all Springston ECO Warriors.  The ECO Teachers will be helping but we are looking for some Senior Students to lead some of these projects.

1.  Make a scrapbook page about what we achieved last year - to be published in a book! (End Term)

2.  Environmental Earth Hour Movie - for a competition (Due March 7th)

3.  Ellesmere Re-cycled Sculpture Competition (Due 31st March)

Anyone can join an ECO project so roll on up and belong to one of the project teams.   Come to Room 4 at eating lunch to put your name down for the project you want to be part of!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Magical Word: Accord

Check this word out.  Accord - it means that we agree.

Synonym:  Agreement, treaty
Sentence:  We are in accord.

Beginning Daily 5

We began our first Daily 5 session yesterday.  We talked about what to put on the anchor chart and the old kids explained why Daily 5 is so great.

Check us out - reading to self.  We got started straight away and kept reading.  We got our stamina up to 7 minutes!

Speck @ Taylah's

Check out what Speck go up to at Taylah's house.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Triathlon Changes

Check out this notice of the changes to Thursday's triathlon.  They are mostly for the YEar 5 studnets in our class, who will begin down at the Domain.

Click on the image for a larger view.