Saturday, 31 March 2012

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How to make your own naked egg!

Why not try putting your raw egg in food colouring - what happens? Can you make it bounce gently on the table?
Write a comment to tell us how your experiment goes.  Why not send a picture by e-mailing it to me at

Friday, 30 March 2012

Get an egg naked - raw with no shell!

Get up and try something new!

30 Day Challenge

Our inquiry challenge: (Reeve, Isaac, Sophie, George, Josh, Lachie)

How many new things can you try in 30 days?  We want you to get out and try new things.  Write us a comment about what you try.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Inspired work!

Jeremy has been so inspired by the dioramas being completed by other reading groups at school, that he went straight home and made one of his own.  I can't wait to see the story that goes with it.  Very impressive work! 

..... one day later and Jeremy posted me this story.  I think it is based on a Chinese story about the dragon that frightened a village.  An old man got them all to let off fireworks and wave banners to scare it away.  Have a read of Jeremy's story.

Old Man Charcoal was woken up by a terrifying noise.  He went outside to see what it was.  When he went out he still heard the noise, but didn’t see where it came from.  He didn’t notice the big dragon up in the sky.  So he went back inside.  The End.

E-Team Challenge:
Tell Jeremy what you think of his diorama and story.  Remember to tell him a good point and give him an idea to improve his work.  Sign with your first name and age.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Time Challenges

One of our time challenges was to use books and time lines to sort out periods in history.  How are we doing?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Trouble learning your tables?

If you are having trouble learning your tables - try what Isabella has here.  

Sort your toys into groups of five for the 5x table and count them.  

Try skip counting in five then use your flashcards or hands.

Happy tables learning!
Thanks Isabella's Mum!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

30 Days has September Rhyme

Try learning this poem so that you always know how many days till your birthday or just how many days there are in each month. 

Where on the Timeline?

Check out this great BBC site that lets you investigate periods of history. It even lets you add important historical events of your own.

Investigate this challenge by finding our some imporatnt times in history.  Cllick on the image of the person for a time period then select the diamone events in that time.

Finish off by adding 3-6 important events in your life or memory to the timeline. 

30 Days Challenge

Can we all do 30 new things  - not just in September but over this year?  What could our new things be?  How could we keep a record of all the new things we have tried?  Are you up for the challenge - a time for being A+ Adventurous.

Write a comment telling me one new thing you could try in the next two weeks or how we could meet this challenge of trying new things as a learning team.  Allana

Friday, 9 March 2012

Thanks for the gloves!

Sandy asked a company for some gloves so we didn't get hurt by the stinging nettles anymore.  They were very generous.  

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lewis Chess Men

You can see in the pictures that our first attempt at making Lewis Chess Men did not turn out very well.  We looked carefully at what went wrong and decided what we would change.  We also decided to use what went well again.  I hope you agree that these chess men came out much better than the first ones.

Sometimes the mistakes help us learn.
It is important to do something more than once so you can get better.
It is important to take care of things - like our art work or equipment.

Home Learning - Phelix

Hi Room 6 and Mrs Taylor. 

This is a picture of my three hotels.

I did this for my home learning for free choice.
From Phelix

Our stories in art

We found out how different cultures used art to tell their stories to us in the future. We learned how to use the dots and colours to make images of Australian animals. We are looking at how to tell our own stories in art.
Written by Eli. I have a snake in this slide show - can you find it?