Sunday, 31 August 2014

How to make a GLOGSTER Glog!

Glogster Link

My first instructions - I am still learning!
1. Add the title.
2. Add the text to text boxes.  You can change the font, background colour and size.
3.  Shift around the components till you are happy.
4.  Add images and video by uploading them into your collection first.
5.  Add video and images by double clicking in the 'place-holder'.

Home Learning - Spicy Takeaways #3

Here are the home Learning Challenges for the rest of Term 3.  If you are doing a Pet Project for Agricultural Badges then this is your focus for the next few weeks.

If you want to retain your Independent Learner's Licence then you all need to be organised and manage your time.  Get started on a couple of activities early.  Always highlight what you have completed and write down any extra activities you do that are not on the list.

Delivery date:  Monday 22nd September (Week 10)
The master copy will be on the wall in the claok bay at school.

Monday, 25 August 2014

How to prepare for a tsunami

New Zealand is a country that often gets tsunamis. It is important that we all know what to do before, during and after a tsunami to help us ‘GET THRU’.

A tsunami is the Japanese word for a giant wave from the ocean. The East coast of NZ gets tsunamis so we need to be prepared for the hazards they cause! A tsunami is caused by a large disturbance on the seafloor, these are the most likely things that they are caused by earthquakes, meteorites, volcanoes and landslides. They can cause floods, polluted water and badly destroy property.

What to do before:
If you want to survive a tsunami then it is important that you know what to do and are prepared. First you need to know if your local area could be hit by a tsunami, have a family plan and a survival kit.  It is also important to know tsunami signs of water rising and falling quickly and the sea bubbling and foaming like a fizzy can. You also need to know a safe place near your house that is 1km inland or 35 metres above sea level.

What to do during:
When you have heard of a tsunami alert you need to act immediately. Take three deep breaths and stay calm.  Leave the area immediately and go to a safe spot 1km inland or 35m above sea level.  Make sure you completely avoid any rivers or beaches. If you are at home, grab your pets (only the smallish ones leave cows/horses at home) and save your self - not your stuff.

What to do after:
After a tsunami hits, don’t rush back home to soon. Wait until the radio says that you can return home. This may be up to at least four to five hours because tsunamis can strike from one minute to three hours apart. Still you need to stay calm and listen to the radio and if you can, try to help others. Make sure you do not go sightseeing at any rivers or beaches stay away until you know it is safe.

New Zealanders are always adaptable and ready for a challenge. If we get ready for a tsunami, then we can look after ourselves and others.

By Kaylee

Be ready for a storm

A storm can be very dangerous so you must be prepared and know what to do before, during and after the event. Read this report to make sure you know what to do.

A storm can be very destructive and cause many hazards.  The winds in a storm can get up to 87km an hour.  This would cause floods, power cuts and the roof of houses to fly off.  You need to listen to the radio to hear the MET weather report. 

What to do before a storm:
It is important to be prepared for an emergency, especially a storm.  You must have a family survival kit that will provide you with food and water for 7 days.  Tidy up around your house to remove anything that might fly away in big winds. Bring your pets inside and stay there with them as you listen to the radio for instructions.

What to do during a storm:
During a storm there are things you must do to keep yourself safe. Stay inside with the curtains closed so any broken glass does not fly around.  Stay away from the windows but open one on the calm side of the house, away from the storm. 

What to do do after the storm:
After the storm it is important to follow these guidelines because there could still be many hazards.  Remain inside listening to the radio for instructions. Keep out of flooded water and avoid fallen power lines because they might be 'live'.

Storms can happen 1-2 times every year.  You must be prepared before they happen and know what to do before, during and after the storm to keep your family safe. 

By Jaimee Lea

Picture free to use by:

Ryan's Home Learning

My dad and I made a bunny coop for my bunny. It needed a better house with a warm safe place to sleep.

At the start of making the bunny coop my Dad amd I made a little hut that looked funny.
I finally made the bunny coop for my bunny,  that has been waiting for about five weeks. It took two days to make the hut. In the end the hut looked cool. I took a long time to drill in the holes and put screws in them.

I feel happy because my bunny has loved the bunny coop.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Become an expert at typing

Check out this site and get super speedy at typing.

BBC Dance Mat

Kidscafenz Term 3

Wow - the time has come to have another cool KidscafeNZ.  We have all our science movies from Term 2 to share and a few fractions tutorials.  I have uploaded some of them already!

Check these out:

Kidscafe #1 (Term 1)

Kidscafe #2 (Term 3)

Our own Kidscafe day will be in Week 9.  I am looking forward to it!

#Kidsedchatnz - Twitter for kids: Gaming

Out class has not been inbvolved in the Twitter-for-kids #kidsedchatnz this year but last year we did.  The topic for conversation this week is GAMING!  I know some of you will want to take part.

The 'Chat' takes place during Daily 5 on Thursday 2-3pm.  Before you participate, you will need to do some preparation.  Take a look at the questions and the challenges.

1. Complete one of the challenges.
2. Prepare a 'Tweet Sheet' answer for one of the questions.

If you have completed these tasks by Thursday then you will be our Tweeters!

But first let's play some games! 
Before you take part in Kidsedchatnz this week try to do at least one of the following:

  • Spend some time in class playing any game (online or traditional eg, Minecraft, Scrabble, Monopoly, Once Upon A Time).
  • Build your own game and play it.
  • Reinvent a game.
  • Fill in the Google Doc for types of games you play in the classroom?
  • Art of gaming - produce a piece of art that celebrates gaming.
When you do a task make sure you take some photos or videos to share with other classes during the chat.

Questions for this week:

Q1. What are your favourite games and why?

Q2. How does gaming help with your learning?

Q3. What qualities/values/skills have you learnt from gaming?

Q4. How many learning games are being used in your classroom and which of these are the best to play?

Q5. What makes a game fun, interesting and educational?

Q6. If you could reinvent a game, what would you choose to add or change and why?

Q7. Does your class use gaming to collaborate or connect with others children from your school or elsewhere?

Q8. Do you read books or watch videos about gaming, how does this make you a better gamer or learner?

Q9. If your teacher could introduce 1 game into the classroom, what should it be and how would it be used for learning?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Kapa Haka Competition!

What's our first Kapa Haka competition going to be like?
Check out my friends school -Reefton Area School and their experience in the 2014 competition.

Fractions of a number.

This is how you find the fraction of a number.  We made this in our maths group and hope taht it will help you with learning fractions.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Caught in the SPOTLIGHT!

Today I loved seeing Emma recommend a book she loved to Taylah.  She cried when she read Michael Murporgo's book 'Out of the Ashes' because it was so sad.  They are the best types of books.

We know that we are a community of readers when you get the next great book to read from a friend - not the teacher.  Go my super readers!

I wonder who will be caught in the SPOTLIGHT next?  Will it be you?

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Do you know what this song is?

Can you sing this cool song in Te Reo and record it so I can learn it?
How does this fit in with having a positive mindset?

Everything is awesome.
He pai ngā mea katoa.

Everything is cool when you're part of a team.
He rawe ngā mea katoa kia kotahi tātou.

Everything is awesome, when you're living your dream!
He pai ngā mea katoa ki te ora koe ā tau moemoea!

Book Day & Star Jam

Wow - we were stars.  Our book characters looked great and we all jumped our best for Star Jam.  Check out the evicence below!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Let's get happy every day!

Check out these VERY happy kids. I met their teacher last weekend in Auckland and I love their idea. Click on this link to see what makes them happy!

Robbie suggested we start the day listening to this song.  Let's get HAPPY!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Te Reo: Mihi

Write our own mini using an adapted format.
Recite our own mini with correct pronunciation.
Recall our mini from memory.

It's all about me and where I fit into my family.  

Your mihi tells the story of the place and the people you beloing to.  It is an eassy way for people you are meetingto make connections as they see if they are related or know your family.

As you can see - everything flows from the mountain, through the river and the waka is on it.  Then the people settle so this is the order in which we say our mini.

Start by writing in the things you are sure of like your parent's names, school and family.
If you have moved from somewhere to here, then you would use the line:
Kei ____________ tōku kāinga ināianei. (I now live)

If you have no waka or marae then just leave these words out.  
REMEMBER that if you are posting your mini on the blog, only use first names but you would use full names when sharing it in 'real life'.

Here is an example of a mini from our favourite Melville Intermediate.

Newsletter for Term 3

This newsletter should have come home last week.  You can read the coloured copy on the wall in our cloak bay!  Happy Term 3.  :)

REMEMBER that it is both Book and Maths weeek and we will be dressing up for Friday.  We will also be participating in Jump Jam.  You can bring a gold coin donation for a wrist band on Friday.

Spicy Home Learning Takeaways 2

This spicy selection will be coming home on Monday.
Get your order organised and the delivery date is Monday 25th August.  Plan your weeks and get started soon.  An Independent Learner does not leave things till the last minute.

If you don't hand in some delicious Home Learning - you will loose your licence until the delivery has been made.

Click on the image for a closer look.

Remember the best deliveries from last week showed that care had been taken with both the ideas and the presentation.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Netball Heroes

Check out out guys at the netball tournament.  I am looking forward to seeing one of you write a report about your event. :)