Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The fantastic shadow

The shadow is friendly and great and lives in a dark street in the village.    The other shadows are mean and loud.  Why was he on his own with no nice friends?  He was wondering what to do? 

The shadow steps into the dark village to search for a friend.  His eyes are lit up by the moon as he sees the clock face as it glows through the village.  The stars are shining on the roofs of the gingerbread houses like twinkling diamonds.  

After a while he saw the light streaming in the darkness from a window.  He tiptoed across the village and he climbed the stairs. The books are surrounding him.  He finds the light that was shining.

The candle is flickering and the shadow burnt his hand.  Suddenly his heart stopped with darkness when she was blown away.  The flames turned into dust and then into a shadow.  She wondered what she was then he picked her up.  She was a shadow too.

By Jack B

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  1. Jack has just read his wonderful story to his his dad. We all think it's fantastic


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