Sunday, 26 February 2012

Can we grow crystals?

There has been a large ammount of interest in our class about growing crystals.  Here is a u-tube clip to watch to get you motivated. 

Search on the internet for safe recipes we could use - using things we have around the house.  What can you get organised for our 'Let's Investigate' session this coming Friday?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Springston Secret Garden

We went with Sandy to check out how our garden is growing. The corn was huge and the artichokes were mosters. Can you see us hiding?  

Sandy is helping us roast the artichokes and we will taste them next lunch time.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Memorial Assembly

Today we had an assembly to remember the earthquake and the people who got hurt.  We thought of all the things that have stayed the same and remembered how lucky we are.  The end of our assembly we had James Beck and Christian sing us their song.  Check it out!

Monday, 20 February 2012

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ adaptable when I work with different teachers and children.
Sophie, 7 years old.

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ Accepting when people are hurt because I help them.
Jess, 7 years old.

A+ Characteristics

I am a+ adaptable when I use a skill I know but change it to solve a different problem.
Liam, 8 years old.

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ Accepting when I ask someone to play our game.
Daniella, 8 years old.

A+ characteristics

I am A+ self managing when I move away from distractions.
Brodie, 8 years old.

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ self managing when I move away from distractions.

Year 4

Sunday, 19 February 2012

We were wondering about the Northern Lights!

During our evaluations on Friday were were also wondering about the Northern Lights.  Josh came to school and wanted to find out about them.  Here are a few links for you to investigate for yourselves...

powered by Fotopedia

Aurora Australis ("Southern Lights"), just like the Aurora Borealis ("Northern Lights"), is caused by charged particles from the sun becoming trapped and accelerated in the Earth's magnetic field, which creates the ethereal glow of the auroras.

Photo taken on 1 June 2008 at the South Pole.

Credit: photograph by: Keith Vanderlinde, National Science Foundation / U.S. Antarctic Program [source].

National Geographic - Solar Storms - new images
Northern or Southern Lights?
What causes them?

Write a comment to explain what you discover or any other questions you want answered. 

Remember the rules for blog comments - capitals, spelling, fullstops.  It wil be read by the world!  Make it your best!

A + Characteristics

I am A+ Self Managing when I get my work done because I ignore distractions .
George, 8 years old.

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ Self Managing when I fall off my motorbike because I get back up and go.
Reeve, 7 years old.

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ Accepting when my teacher tells me to do something and I do it.

We were wondering about Cave Art!

In our evaluations on Friday lots of us were wondering about the Pre-historic caves at Lascaux  in France. 

How did they paint in the cave?
How did they get food in the caves?
How could you travel around without getting lost?
How do you paint like that?

Here are a few links to help you investigate for yourselves...

The discovery of the caves and trying to re-create them...

Pre-historic art images
The oldest pre-historic art unearthed (BBC newspaper article)

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ self managing when I put my pen and my planer on my desk before school.
Lachlan, 8 years old.

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ Articulate when I was brave enough to speak in front of the whole school at Assembly.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Time Team visit a French Cave!

Today during writing the Time Team went to a different country to see how Pre-historic Man recorded their stories and memories in art.  Take a look at the cave yourself and then read our favourite sentences from our 10 minute writing.

Lascaux Cave

We will add our writing here:

Scary blackness inside as we are exploring through the cave of darkness.  Ripora
It feels like I have been eaten by a monster in the dark cave.  Jess
It's like I'm in a dead skeleton body.  Lachlan
I can hear the stags running through my mind.  Chloe
The big bison killed a man.  It is sad because he was hunting for food but the bison was hungry as well. Graeson
In my head I can hear the cow mooing. Sophie
It looks dark in the cave. Bria
The cave it looks like a boney giant.  Liam

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ adventurous when I concentrate on biking at McLeans Island.
Angus, 8 years old.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Aboriginal Art

We are looking at how the Aboriginal people of Australia have valued and kept their stories for the future through their art work.  Today we experimented with how to make the dots with cotton buds. 

Meet Graeson

Monday, 13 February 2012

Meet The Team


Meet Ripora

I have a hat like rain because it is blue colours.

I have lips like a rose.

My necklace looks like the moon shining at night.

My glasses are like the darkness of space. 

I have a nose like the end of a cone.

My hair is like the bright sun.

My ear-rings are like glimmering gold.

My T-shirt is like day time because it is happy blue.

Meet Nathan

Meet Jessica

Meet Izzy

Meet Daniella

Meet Sophie

Meet Reeve

I ,ve  got  some  big horns on  my head.I head butt animals.I have bat wings and i can fly to school.I have tiger arms to claw other animals.I

Meet Phelix

I have

Meet Liam

Meet Lachaln

Meet Isaac

Meet George

Meet Eli

Meet Chloe

Meet Josh

Meet Brodie

Meet Bria

Meet Bella

Meet Angus

I  have  a  grooy   hat.  I  have  a  big  mouth  to  eta  big  food.  I  have  long  hair   that's  

wowld   you  like  to  be  my  friend

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Build your WILD SELF!

Here is another way to make a mini-you or an avatar for the blog.  This is what I came up with!

Step 1: Go to and create your Wild Self.

Step 2: E-mail your creation to our class e-mail address:
and we will use them when we get back to school.  Do this by using the "Send to friend" option. Make sure you include your name at the top of the Wild Self so we know who you are!

Have heaps of fun - I know I did.

Wallace & Gromit Avatars

Try turning yourself into a clay avatar like Wallace and Gromit.  We could use them as avatars to put on the blog later this year.

Here is the example of me - you have to use your imagination I'll admit, but it was fun.

Try making your own by clicking on the link below.  Make sure you save the image so you can use it later.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It's all about me!

Try using your avatar picture as a writing starter.  Check out my attempt!  Can you find any similes, alliteration or other descriptive tools?

My face is speckled with freckles like kisses from the sun.  My egg head is crowned in grape coloured spikes and hides behind verdant green glasses.

I am exploring the emptiness of space as I stand on craters and dodge darting alien craft. 

My nose is buried in a book full of fantasy ideas and historical fiction, whle I hold my handy iPhone close by in case I need to find my position on Google Maps!

Make your own avatar

I have payed around with this website  - Mess Dudes - to make my own avatar - or imaginary person to put on the blog.  

Have a go yourself but make good choices so your little person represents you.   Click on this link to have a go yourself.

We will give it a go when you get to school - in just three weeks!

Monday, 6 February 2012

A+ Characteristics

I am A+ adaptable because I change my good ideas to make them even better.

Friday, 3 February 2012

How to Behave in Assembly

We were looking at how to behave at assembly today...
1.  Talk quietly till someone stands at the front to begin
2.  Hands down when you are singing
3.  Sit nicely
4.  Listen carefully and look at the speaker
5.  Clap for items and certificates
6.  Wait quietly till the teacher lets you go
7.  Walk in a line and watch carefully when crossing the road

As you can see ... we were good at listening carefully!

Meet the Team

Take a look at this stunning bunch - Team Endeavour. 
We will tell you what our name means next week.