Friday, 21 September 2012

The Human Life Cycle

Task 1:

The Human Life Cycle - find out about each stage by clicking on the images to complete the life cycle sheet you have been given.  


Task 2:
Are you up for the challene of using what you know about the Human Life Cycle to return a teacher to the correct stage of development?

Chloe - evaluation

Ripora - poetry recital

Check out this poem but be warned - the teacher might not believe this as an excuse for being late to school.

Isaac - evaluation

Graeson - evaluation

Reeve - evaluation

Isabella - evaluation

Jess - evaluation

Phelix - evaluation

Isabella K - evaluation

Angus - evaluation

Josh - evaluation

Lachie - inquiry evaluation

Friday, 14 September 2012

Home Learning Cooking

Last night I did some homework and I did some cooking with mum.  We made some huge prawns 
and little ones too.
Once we put the prawns in the pot, Mum steamed some spaghetti and cooked some bacon. When everything was cooked mum cut the bacon up and I put the bacon in the bowls, with the sauce and spaghetti and placed the prawns on the top.
By Daniella

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jess - Daily 5 Writing

Jess got this idea from her Writing Seeds Book.  She wrote about it during Daily 5 Work on Writing and even edited her work so it was ready to publish.  It only took her a couple of days because she worked so hard and was very motivated to finish it.  Well done Jess - great writing.

Pizza halves - are they the same?

Jojo was looking at how to make pizza halves.  She found a couple of different ways.  They are called equivalent fractions.

How to make a whole!

Isabella explains that you can make a half by using two quarters and two halves make a whole.

Chloe's Daily 5 Writing

Chloe wrote this story during Daily 5 Work on Writing.  She used the editing cards to improve her work and published it. Well done on following the Writing Process Chloe!

At the Zoo
When Mum was away Dad said “ Do you want to go to the Zoo?” Lachlan and I both said “Yes.” So we did.  Dad packed us some lunch, a drink of sparkling lemon and off we went. 

At the Zoo there were lots of different shaped and sized animals like The Ringed-Tailed-Lemurs, Rhinos, Cheetahs, Tigers and Lions, Giraffes and lots of other animals. 
A week ago a Giraffe named Harold, the zoos only male giraffe had passed-away. It was a sad day for the keepers at the zoo that day and now they are looking for another male giraffe and it is tough.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Georgia's Myth

Check out this cool myth explaining how trees got leaves.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

10 minutes reading stamina without you (GOOD)

We managed 10 minutes without Mrs Taylor for our reading to self stamina with Mrs Scarlet. We enjoyed it but it wasn't as good as 11:21. It was amazing but we were still enjoying it really well.