Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Surfing at Camp

On a nice sunny Thursday we went biking to the beach to learn how to Surf and a reminder on how to Boogy Board. Some kind instructors Ambrose and Leathy showed us the ropes. We learnt how to stand up on a Surf board and how to get good waves. The key is to move down the beach if there’s a rip.
Ambrose talked and showed us about the tide and if the waves were messy or not. On the day we surfed, it was messy and that was good. It meant there were more waves to catch.
My favourite part of the day was when my friend and I did nose dives into the ocean.
By Brooke

Forest Survivor

On Thursday we went to Forest Survivor to learn about how to be safe in a forest. Our instructor taught us how to build a hut out of branches from the forest, that we could spend the night it for protection. Then we went off to build our own one in groups.
First we got a spine which is a large trunk. Then smaller twigs are laid on the trunk. These are called ribs. That gives you a frame to lay pine needles and bushy bits to stop the wind and rain getting through.
We were judged on the shelter fitting us all and keeping us warm. We also needed a mattress of needles to stop our body heat escaping into the ground.
We really enjoyed building our huts and will use this knowledge if we ever get lost in a forest. Thank you to the City Council Teachers.
By Sophie W and Zoe Bain