Monday, 22 April 2013

Review of Term 1

On Friday we looked at what went well this term, what didn't go so well and the changes we would like to make for Term 2.

Good things:
Our targets and evaluations in our planners
Practical 'build a boat' home learning challenge
Turning our writing into e-books and movies to share
Using a movie as motivation to write 'Shadow Stories'
Daily 5 - reading not worksheets
Camp - initiatives, team work
Maths interchange
Sports spectacular 
Being in the waka - all belonging and working together
Having our learning on the blog
Our inquiry action and having choices
Lots of practical team challenges like making pancakes and putting up tents
Being responsible for the sun-smart chart

Bad things:
Our poor listening skills
Allana needs to give us more reward cubes for the pyramid
Sometimes class is noisy - sometimes learning takes noise!
We are not giving house group points
We need to sell our books and use book letters more
Check that our planner evaluations are in detail
Caring more for iPads and class resources
We are  not using 'thinking hats' in class
We son't stop quickly enough for 'Stop, look, listen'
Not being ready to learn at the end of break

Changes for Term 2:
More fitness, PE and Turbo Touch
Use IPICK in Daily 5 better so we have the best books
Use the 'class jobs' roster better
Add new jobs for people saving electricity and re-cycling
Do more art in class
Make small white planners for most and some large ones
Home learning - grid for two weeks then homeplay challenge for two weeks

We have had a really exciting term of learning.  We feel that all our team activities and camp has helped us get to know each-other and belong in our team.  We can't wait to see what Term two has in store as we find out 'What makes us a Kiwi'.  

1 comment:

  1. Hello E-Team Endeavour

    Your fantastic teacher left a comment on my class blog (Powerful Learners in room 7) so I just had to visit your blog and check out your cool learnng and of course make a comment!

    It sounds like we are very similar with what we learn and how we go about learning as well.
    My class has begun to tweet so we may tweet each other during #kidsedchatnz next time!

    I like your suggestion for doing more art in Term 2. I love teaching art. One of my favourites would have to be Pop Art.

    Mrs Natusch
    room 7
    Vardon School


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