Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Writing sample prompt

Gathering the ideas:
What happens before, during and after this image?

What is the setting?  
Where does it take place?

Who are the characters?
What do they look like?
How do they move or speak?
What are their habits.
How do they feel?

What is the problem?
How does it get worse?
How do you solve the problem?

Where are you paragraphs?
Have you used magical words?
Have you used different punctuation.
Is there some speech in your story?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Lifecycle of a Human

Check out this great game for learning about the human life cycle.  Link here...

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Storywriting Prompt

Gathering the ideas:
What happens before, during and after this image?

What is the setting?  
Where does it take place?

Who are the characters?
What do they look like?
How do they move or speak?
What are their habits.
How do they feel?

What is the problem?
How does it get worse?
How do you solve the problem?

Where are you paragraphs?
Have you used magical words?
Have you used different punctuation.
Is there some speech in your story?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Five Sentence Challenge: Bus Stop

The church looked like a massive pin with a clock and a bell.
In the distance a flock of birds circling a small village there was also angry looking clouds.
Beside a small building there was a butcher wearing a apron the apron looked like a candy cane.
A bus was picking up some people witch makes me wonder were are they going.
there was a black and wight cat on a blue bench beside a man reading a news paper.

Alfonso Year 5

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Five Sentence Challenge: The Bus Stop

Check out the picture prompt for this week's five sentence challenge.

It is due in on Wednesday and I will only be postiing up the work from the 'Boys Box' writers this week.

All other posts will be celebrated on our blogs and tweeted out on Friday for people to read.  Try getting your family to write you a comment on your post this week.

Try gathering some ideas for us in a comment under these headings:

1.  Nouns
bus, sky, church steeple, bicycle, butcher shop

2. Adjectives
tall, cloudy, dark, shiny, jolly, 

Stopped, sitting, gathered, watching

4. Adverbs
Sitting silently, watching carefully

5. Similes
The dark sky hung over the village like a bad mood.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Be ready for an earthquake

Check out our Glogster on how to be ready for an earthquake.  Click on the link. 

Prepare for an earthquake

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How to get ready for an earthquake

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How to get ready for a storm!

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What to do in a Tsunami

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What to do in a flood!

This is a picture of our Glogster that has all the information to survive a flood. Here is the link to see our Glogster: Link here.

Prepared for a Volcanic Eruption

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Ripora's Dog by Tuala

Ripora's puppy is a small dog. It is about six to seven months old. Its name is Fatty.  I like the dog because it is playful. It loves people and cats. It doesn't just eat cats  it plays with them. The dog is a girl.

Ripora got Fatty in 2014 up in Opotiki where she use to live. She loves to lick peoples faces. Fatty  loves Ripora.

When Ripora goes out to wait for the bus the puppy cries. Where ever Ripora goes the dog follows her. Fatty even protects Ripora. Every time Fatty gets off the leash she will always goes inside.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Seven Puppies - Rosie's story

Chapter One:  Leaving home

Today is the day that the farmer is coming to pick up one of our puppies.  I’m standing in the dog run. I’m so nervous. I hope I don’t cry. I wonder what puppy will get chosen. I hope it’s not my favourite, not that I really have one but, I do like some better than the others.  The puppies are circling me like a pack of dolphins around a boat.  I pick up Stripes, her furry face rubs against my skin.   I hear the sound of two cars pulling up and soon a family of five are standing next to me in the run. The farmer picks up Nike and he says  ”I prefer black and white rather than the tricolours”  I give Nike one last hug as she heads to her new life.

Fern, Tui, Stripes and I

The next weeks went by and we still had six puppies. It was Monday and I was on the way home from  pottery with Sarah when dad said that a guy is coming to pick up Harry. I asked him if Harry had gone yet. He said he didn’t know.  After we dropped off Sarah we said a quick hello to mum and then zipped down to Bruce’s to see if Harry had gone yet. As we drove I had a sudden sadness. I didn’t know it was going to be this hard to say good-by to Harry. When Nike went it wasn’t this hard because the family looked friendly and they had kids plus Bruce knew them. I went over to the kennel where Harry was. A few more minutes went by, finallythe man came. He looked rough…. well he was rough.   I couldn’t hold it, Isecretly whimpered.

Chapter Two:  Drumble the droving dog
It was a nice and sunny day at my house. I am waiting for these people to come and pick up Drumble. When they got there they talked to my mum and dad.  When they were walking up the drive they started to talk about how I could come and  stay in their  holiday house to visit Drumble.  I was glad for Drumble that he was going to a happy home.  I called him Drumble after an adventurous droving dog in a book I read.

Chapter four: Sad news   
I had finished getting dressed when the phone rang. Dad answered it. He started his usual answer which starts like this. “Yeh, yeh oh oh” but the ending was different. “Oh no you poor thing.”
When dad got off the phone I could tell he was still thinking through what someone has just told him. I asked him what was wrong. He said that Aunty had to put down her dog Sassy.
” but” I mumbled “I know its sad” said Dad “but Sassy was attacking sheep.”
I asked Dad “How did it happen?”
 ”Well it is a long story. Aunty J was taking Sassy for her walk and she let sassy off.  Luckily sassy had a muzzle on otherwise she would have killed a sheep. So Aunty J thought she should put down sassy so she did.” I was shocked – me and Sassy were good friends. We used do tricks like going through the caterpillar tunnel and I used to hold treats at the other end. I felt sad for Aunty J knowing she didn’t want to do it.  I have a photo of all the dogs standing at the window with all their tongues out and Sassy is there.

Chapter Four:  All Gone
When I  go out to feed the puppies they are like a pack of lions. When you dangle meat over the cage the lions are jumping everywhere trying to rip your finger off.  Except the puppies aren’t trying to rip your fingers they are just wanting the meat in your hand. When they have finished I get Fern on a lead and let the puppies out and run them up and down the drive way except Fern sort of takes me for the run. 


One weekend we drove Sripes and Tinker  to their new home. Jeff was  taking Stripes and Tinker was going to live with my  Aunty  J.  I’m glad Tinker has got a great home like all the puppies but she’s also close to our house.
 I had a great experience with all the puppies.  It was annoying for mum and dad but fun for me when dad was trying to get me to school but I let the puppies out. Then we had to try and get them back into their pen. When mum was driving home after we dropped the last two puppies off slow,wet tears rolled down my face as I remembered our memories that we had together.  When I got home I opened the gate to where seven puppies were born.  Before it looked lively but now it looks lonely like they were never there.  I will always remember the bouncy, fluffy, happy puppies that used to live with us.       

By Rosie
Year 4 student

Can Drive for Campbell Live!

The 1st of September was such a wonderful night. We watched Campbell Live and then yes! yes! yes! A can drive what a great idea. So thats what I did! 

The next day I went to school and asked my teacher and asked the Principal if we could do a can drive and yes we could! So we spent hours working on posters ,e-mails and notices for the can drive! 

This week we are collecting canned food and making a sculpture and will send it to Campbell Live. All of these cans will go to the people you may have seen on Campbell Live. 

Help support this Friday lunch-box day.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Caught in the Spotlight

I love that we have seen Elliot make great choices this week and remind us how great he is to have in our class.  

He has earned his Independent Learner Licence and I have watched him plan his day carefully, follow his timetable and complete heaps of great learning.  Welcome to 'The Waka' Elliot!

Maths Week

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Te Reo: Where are you from?

Recall the names of local places in Te Reo.
Pronounce the local names in Te Reo correctly.
Use the consonant + vowel or vowel+vowel approach to help our pronunciation.
Asn and answer - 'Where are you from' in Te Reo.

Here is your challenge.  Test each other on 'Nō hea koe'.  Can you answer with a different place and guess where your friend is from?

Click on this link to visit the talking map.  Can you use the names of places from all around New Zealand?

Fractions: Find the fraction of a shape (Wafers)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

100 Word Challenge

Check out the prompt for this week.  You must have it finished and edited by Friday and e-mail it to me to upload it to the competition.