Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Before Sunrise


In a dark room there were lots of ghosts.  They were all bad except for one.  He did not like them because they ruined their house so he went out to discover things in the new world.

The  good ghost walks through the village. He sees gingerbread houses with shiny pebbles like stars on their rooves.  In the middle of the village stood an angel warrior.  It was watching to protect the sleeping people.

After a long time walking past the sheep wool moon, the ghost sees a golden light coming from an old window.  He decides to take a look.  Inside he and finds big building with books standing in huge piles.  

In the corner the ghost sees a waving candle.  He wants to touch it but he’s to scared.   Suddenly the candle gets blown out.  The ghost hugs at the candle stick, feeling very sad.  The smoke from the candle turned into a girl ghost.  

1 comment:

  1. Hi Isabella
    I love the way you showed the shwdow and use the graet words and made it like I was in the story.
    By Isabellak


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