Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Shadow Man Story

The sky is a black old shadow.  It was  5:00 clock  and there was not a sound to be heard. The stars reflect the tops of the building’s roves like little diamonds.

In the darkness hides a lonely shadow.  His neck is long skinny like a pencil. The moon is bright like an oval and the shadow’s misty eyes light up as the sky turns black.

After a long time walking with shivering legs, he sees the golden window of gleaming light gleamed of light.  He decided to go in and had to climb the tower of mystery.

His eyes gleamed as his mouth dropped as he was looking amazed.   The tall stacks of books  surrounded him like  treasure.

The Shadow’s heart pounded fast as the candle’s eye fluttered with glitter and gold diamonds.   

She turned her head to the window with shyness and love.  The candle blows out.  How could this happen?  It was so bad that the Shadow’s heart pounded fast with fear.

He fell to the ground and cuddled the candle.  The smoke twisted and turned into a girl shadow.  He now had a friend.


  1. Awesome Story writing Harriet! You descibed the characters and their surroundings so well we felt like we were there too. Keep up the great writing, look forward to some more stories.
    Anna & Andrew

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