Monday, 26 November 2012

Meet Izzy Movie

Meet Georgia

Making music was a bit hard because we needed to work together to record each track.  First we made a beat, then an accent and the melody.  I hope you can hear our music behind my video.

Meet Phelix Movie


I have learnt on Garage Band that when you go on audio recorder you have to turn your other recorded tracks down.  You always must keep the sound below the red line.   
We made music using just things from around the class.

Isabella's Holiday

One day in the holidays I went to my dad's friends and we went to the Lime Hills pet show.  There dad was really silly and we had to sleep in the tent.

This is me and my brothers when we had to go to see the lizards.  They where relly cool and my brothers think it was cool as well.  There was a playground when you went out.  I loved my holiday.

10, 100 more or less

Pet Day - Chloe

Pet Day - Josh

Liam's home Learning

Hi i'm Liam,

This is my home-learning my police helicopter.

I made it with instructions.

One day my friend Nathan and I were being and it got broken so for home learning I fixed it.


Jeremy's Home Learning

This is my bridge in Rough Creek.  It is made
entirely of sticks and it can support my weight.

Home Learning Fun!

Lachie found something really fun for us to do at home - make models from card.  Check out this website.... to make one of these creatures!  READYMECH Website link

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What's in a number?

Lachie explains how many 100's, 10's and 1's in a number.

Inside a trout - by Angus!

My Dad went fishing, this is what was inside the rainbow trout’s stomach. It is a green night beetle. It is gross.  I wasn’t  surprised that it ate that, but the others were. Angus

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fluency - Keep it smooth and with expression

Angus is working on his fluency when reading.  Check out this example!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Calf named Snowy

Mmmm, what do you mean you don't have to do any home learning Liam?
You have to be self managing and feed Snowy even if it is cold and wet.
You need to weigh and measure out the calve's food, train it to lead, groom it and play with it.  I bet you have even found out things like the breed and how a farmer uses this type of cow!

This sounds like the best type of home learning to me!
I think Snowy is nearly as cute as Miss Molly Moo Moo.  We will have to get some photos on the blog of her too!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Secret Garden Club

Most of our class spent time in the Secret Garden on Friday morning.  We also went back over at lunchtime.  We are working very hard to get rid of the weeds and prepare our gardens for the competition inspection at the beginning of December.  This week we planted parsley and flying saucer courgettes.

Watch out to see what we are harvesting each week.  We are expecting some strawberries and spinach soon.

Pet Day

Brodie tells us about Springston Pet Day.