Friday, 30 May 2014

Kids Cafe nz

In rooms 4 and 3 we did a thing called kids Cafe Day. This is where people make movies and learn how to do things by watching them. I did one it was how to care for puppies. To know more about Kids Cafe go to their blog.

Monday, 26 May 2014

What could our inquiry be?

Take a look at this 'Mad Scientist' time lapse movie from lots of NZ schools last year.

Which of our experiments grabbed your attention?
What questions or wonderings do you have?
What more do you want to find out about?
Write your ideas and questions on the Padlet at the bottom of the page.

What happens when we put salt on ice cubes?

Check out this explanation for our experiment today.

Kidscafenz: How to make crystals

Check out the instructions on how to make salt crystals.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Kidscafenz: Make your choices!

Take a look through the many movies you can select from.

What do the people in your team want to learn?
How are you going to negotiate your choices so that you all have a fun learning time on our Kids Cafe Day?

Use the team selection sheet to list your choices and check what materials you will need to bring.  You might have to nook in a device with Minecraft PE.  It is all about being flexible and compromising so we all have a great time learning.
Don't forget to assign people to bring the materials and get ready for a whole lot of AKO Kids!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Home Learning: Patrick

This is me doing a science experiment for my home learning I chose corny goo.
It feels hard but when you pick it up it melts like liquid.  It melts into the bowl when you press onto it, it feels hard.

By Patrick

Kidscafenz: How to French Plait Hair

Thanks to Harriet and Kaylee for their lesson on how to plait hair in a French Plait.  Make sure you have a hair tie, a brush and someone with long hair.

Kidscafenz: How to play ukulele

Thanks to Emma, Taylah and Tate for the great instructions on how to play ukulele.

Kidscafenz: How to build a house on Minecraft PE

These instructions are for the real beginners on Minecraft - like me!  Well done to Quaid and Patrick.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

KidscafeNZ: Caring for puppies

Check out Nina and Rosie's movie for KidscafeNZ on how to care for very small puppies.

KidscafeNZ: How to care for rabbits

Check out this workshop from Maya and Katie on how to care for rabbits.

KidscafeNZ: Plough a field with a tractor

Check out this video of KidscafeNZ by Sam and Jack.

KidscafeNZ: BMX Bike Tricks

Check out this video from Jaimee-Lea and Robbie for KidscafeNZ.


Monday, 19 May 2014

Our new student

Hi i am Elliot.
I am 9 years old.
My fav food is chocolate!
My fav sport is cricket.
My fav colour is green

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Home-play Challenge: Taylah

Check this home play activity out from Taylah…

Here is a picture of me doing my Corny Goo experiment.
It was fun to do!

From Taylah

Thursday, 15 May 2014

KidscafeNZ - Learn to speak Samoan

Check out the KidscafeNZ workshop on how to say hello in Samoan by Tuala and Sammy.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Science Homeplay Challenge

After a serious discussion about home learning being boring - Waka Endeavour students offered me a solution.  We want to do science experiments!  So here they are!

I have selected eight 'easy to do at home' experiments that you could try together.  If you have other ones you'd like to try, then please go for it but provide a copy of the experiment and record your observations on the sheet provided.

We would love the experiments to be shared on Mondays and hope that one could be completed most weeks.

This experiment option sheet, along with their first choice of experiment and recording sheet will be coming home today.  Have fun being scientists together. 


We got this idea from St John's School.  Make sure you go and visit them.  

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Scientific Method

Check out this song to help us decide what steps to take when we plan our experiments.

Step 1: Find the problem

Step 2: Gather information

Step 3: Make your hypothesis

Step 4: Plan, do the experiment & record data

Step 5: Analyse

Step 6: Make a conclusion

Step 7:  Re-test

Saturday, 10 May 2014

New books for Monday

Oops - I have been out shopping for books again!  Look what I found.  I wonder which one you will want to borrow on Monday.  Get in quick then you can sell it to the rest of the class.  

Friday, 9 May 2014

Science Fun Day - what we learned with Mad Scientist Allana

Avatar: Patrick

Hi this is Patrick.
This is what I look like in the future. I wish I actually looked like this. I would be flying around everywhere. I could go places that I like. I could go on vacation at a tropical island.

Avatar: Patrick

Hi, this is me.  I have been making a Avatar nearly every day.
I have been at school for 5 years now I am a year five and I come from Springston School.

By Patrick

Avatar: Tate

On Thursday the 8th of May,  Room 4 were making avatars. We could do 'Mess Dudes' or 'Build your wild self'. This is my one -  I did Mess Dudes.

By Tate

Avatar: Maya

This is the avatar that I made today. We got to choose from 'Build your Wild Self' and 'Mess Dudes'.

Avatar: Kaylee

On Thursday we had to either make a 'Build your wild self' avatar or a "Mess Dudes' avatar.

I choose to do a 'Mess dudes' avatar. First you had to select either a boy or a girl avatar then you had to do your head shape,hair, clothes, accessories and background.

This is my avatar.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Avatar: Arohaina

On Thursday the 8th of May Room 4 could chose if we would like to do or avatars. 
You can make your own Avatar. I have a dog, skateboard, soda, phone, hat, top, and a pair of jeans.

Avatar: Jaimee -Lea

This is my avatar. I am underwater eating fish and catching fish. I have crab arms, fluffy ears and a big turtle shell, octopus feet, crocodile tail and shark teeth and a plait for my hair.  I am under water.

Shopping for Sunday

On Wednesday I bought some jeans and two pairs of shorts and a pair shoes at the mall.  It was me and Mum shopping.

I will wear them to my first communion on Sunday.  It is also a special week for me because it is my birthday on Tuesday!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Home Learning: Weeks 1-2:

Here is the home learning for the next week.  We need the scientist research for Monday next week please.  Take a look at what is expected on a daily basis.

There are some students who have a 'Writing Challenge' that we set at learning conversations.  Focus on this and just keep up your reading.

I can't wait to see what you bring in on Monday!

Rosie's Puppies

Fern's Puppies
The day Fern had her puppies was a nice and sunny day. I was going to friend Lily's house when Lucy, Lily's mum, got a call from Dad that Fern had had two puppies. We had to turn and go back to my house.  I was so excited. When we got there Dad said that Fern had had her puppies in my tree hut.  The puppies felt warm, wet and fragile. One hour went by then I saw a see-through blue bubble and I could see the shape of a puppy.  A few more hours went by and we had seven puppies. Dad had to get up in the middle of the night and help the runt drink from Fern properly.  If he hadn't helped the puppy she would have died.

Three weeks went by and every puppy had their name.  The runt is called Skinny Malink and the others are called Brownie McGee, Young Drumble, Nike, Stripes, Tui, and Harry Potter.  I am enjoying having puppies. Fern and the family will deeply miss them when they go.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Work on Words: Free Rice

This is a great way to build your vocabulary at the same time as giving rice to the hungry.
Work your way through the words.  Remember to write any extra special or 'magical words' in your own personal dictionary.

Let's get ready for Term 2

Last term we learned how to work as a team.  We know how to choose good targets and have worked towards achieving them.  In the last week of term, we took a risk and ran KidsAKO workshops for Rooms 3 & 8.  It was MAGIC!  You can do anything.

I am thinking we are ready to do something even more amazing.  I wonder what it could be....

What's up for this term:
Writing - instructions, explanations & movie / workshop scripts
Reading - heaps of information books and even more books of your own choice
Maths - moving into multiplication & division, measurement
Te Reo - days & months, counting over 10, telling the time, my birthday
Science:  What is a scientist?  What do they do? Lots of experiments!
ICT: Explain Everything, Movie making, Twitter, Blogging
Learning:  Targets, planners, independence, AKO - Kids Cafe

Aaahhh - I know we have heaps of exciting thing to do and learn together during Term 2.  I bet you have lots of ideas for us as well.  I can't wait to hear them.  :)

KidsAKO - next step on - Kids Cafe

Check this out Team.  We have the chance to run workshops for children from all over the WORLD!  It is called Kids Cafe.

We sign up and you decide on something you would love to make a workshop on.  You would need to plan and record it so it could be put 'on-line' for all the other kids to access.  Then we would have a Kids Cafe session and learn lots from each other!

Check out the links and start thinking about what you could teach people!
The twitter and blog links are in our Favourite Blog list!

Write a note on the Padlet to share what ideas you have for a Kids Cafe workshop.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Eco Action: Lunchtime Seed Saving

Check out one of the lunch-time workshops run by the ECO Team.  We were gathering sunflower seeds from Allana's old dead flowers.

We labelled the packets and illustrated them so we would remember what was in the packet.
We then wrote the instructions on the back so we know how to plant them next spring.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of sunflowers visiting school next year after they flower.

Well done to ECO Team Leader Maya for helping organise and manage this activity.  

Daily 5 for teachers

Yippee - Alice and I taught the teachers about Daily 5 today.  They loved the photos and videos you took last term and looked at all the resources you use and your 'Wild Reader's Notebooks'.

I am sure that we will have lots of teachers visiting our class to see what Daily 5 looks like in real life! They are all really excited and want to try it with their own classes.  Well done team - Daily 5 rocks!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Waiata - Months of the year

Check out the waiata that will help us learn the Te Reo months of the year.  Click on the link to bring up the video.  Calendar Song