Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Year 4 Sports Spectacular

Yesterday the Yr 3 and 4s went down to Lincoln University and got to try out lots of different sports! It was a great day and everyone had fun. Below is a photopeach and some of our favourite moments.

Regan: My favourite part was the hockey because we had a good team. We won 8 - 0.

Sarah: My favourite part was the athletics because it was a bit of a challenge.

Isaac R: My favourite part was the soccer because I scored all the goals.

Maya: I liked netball because we had lots of good team mates and there were lots of challenges.

Anonymous: I liked hockey because we used teamwork.

William: I liked hockey because my team was really good and we worked together well.

Jess: My favourite part was netball because I play it and this gave me extra practise.

Chloe M-K: My favourite part was soccer because we had great friendly team mates.

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  1. Hi
    I love the ball games and the salfmanging kids.
    By Bella


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