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Christmas Challenge

Follow these instructions to make the coolest Christmas tags. Link here.

Monday, 1 December 2014

The Dream Giver - Aria

A yellow glow darts in the damp dark sky. Wings clatter like an earthquake and boney fingers open an old orphanage window shutter. The strange man is nearly naked. He looked into the room to see sleeping children lined up in rows. Then he lifted the sack that contained glowing golden eggs that gave children their wildest dreams.

The first little person was a boy with an open book lying on his bed. The Dream Giver put some gold liquid on the astronaut book and in a poof the boy in his dream. He was in space. The boy moved one leg kicked as part of his dream. It made a golden egg fall off the bed and break onto a book of The Shadow Monster!  This was not a good dream!

Suddenly the young astronaut was sucked into a vortex of light, from a peaceful dream into a book of danger. He woke up in a world full of tall green trees. He didn’t think he was safe. Suddenly he heard a terrible growl. The boy turned to see a scary temple entrance with a big open mouth. In the dark he saw two yellow eyes looking at him!

Back in the orphanage the Dream Giver was trying to find the golden egg that fell on the bad book. He had to help! 

In the dream the small boy was running for his life. He ran out of the forest and onto a cliff. He turned around to see the Shadow Monster. There was nowhere to run. He was trapped. He clenched his body and said to himself, “This is the end!”  Just then the boy heard a tinkling sound. It was the Dream Giver dropping magical eggs from the sky. As they hit the ground, small trees grew. They grew super fast and trapped the roots around the beast. The Shadow Monster fell to the ground. 

The boy woke up back in the orphanage and looked in his book to see his own dream. From the corner of eye, he saw a shadow and then it was gone. He always wondered who had saved him.