Thursday, 28 February 2013

Which Strategy?

Isabella has explained how she used bonds to 10 to solve her problem.  I really love the clear way she has explained it and know she will sneak the word MAKE into her personal dictionary so she gets that right next time.

Which Maths Strategy?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Which maths strategy?

William and Sophie were looking at strategies you can use to add a group of numbers.  What strategy did they choose?

Jess' Home Learning

Jess went fishing on the weekend.  She will tell you all about it in a comment.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Which maths strategy?

Which maths strategy did Emma and Isaac use to solve this problem?  Can you think of another way?  Please write them a comment.

Which maths strategy?

Which maths strategy did Alfonso and Jess use to solve this maths problem?  Can you think of another way to do it?  Tell us in a comment.


Friday, 22 February 2013

Remembering the Earthquake

At school we all brought in a flower to decorate the entrance. It was to remember the things and people we lost in the earthquake.

We had a minute of silence at 12.51 and thought about all the reasons we are so lucky at Springston School.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

What rules do you need for 'Team Work'?


We have discovered that there are some rules that make team work more effective. Look at our comments - these are the rules we think you need!

Middle Team Beach Ed

The whole Middle Learning Team went to the beach to learn heaps about being safe at the beach.  Take a look at the photo slide then look at the comments below.  We are all going to tell you what we learned.

I hope we get all the Sun-smart rules and the 10 Surf Rules for the beach.

Team Work Movie

Team Work Movie

Team Work Movie

Team Work Movie

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Remembering the Earthquake

Bring a flower to school on Friday and be part of our remembering the people and places lost in the February 2011 earthquake.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Waka Endeavour

We looked at the rules we want to live by in our team. They are not really rules but mostly what we believe in. They made the paddles of our wake and we are all in the canoe together.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Camera Spy

I took the camera out and caught some people being A+. Josephine

Tent experience!

It was great fun setting up the tents. We had to work as a team and co-operate with each other.

I learnt that two people are better than one. We could see this when we were pushing a car. We did a chart showing how it helped.

I enjoyed putting up the tent the most. I have watched it before, but hadn't done it.

Kotahitanga in Team Endeavour

We wanted to see if a team works better than one person. 
This team is working together to push the car 20 metres.
These people are trying to beat the time of 30 seconds.

We learnt that if you encourage your other team mates then you go faster. Encouraging helps people do better. 

Room 6 Teamwork Challenges

On Friday Room 6 did team work. And they had to make pancakes and put up tents and make movies. Some of the teams got mixed up of Year 4 and 5.

All the teams had to take turns and help each other and work as a team. They had to comunicate and work together. They each had teams like T1, T2, T3, T4, T5.

One team had to do pancakes, the other had to start with making movies and the other ones had to do putting up tents and then we all had to change over.

Work with others

When the children worked as a team they pushed the car faster and faster than one person. Two people will hop in and one person will steer and the other will help and will sit in the passenger seat and they both of them will relax and enjoy the ride.

The teams were T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5.

Working as a team can help you have fun.

Adventurous team work

This is team work and they're working together to get the job done -  to make pancakes..

When the job is done they get to share their ideas and have fun. We love having team work, it is so fun when we talk to people.

Our team did well because they did listen to others, join in, kind words, help each other, communicate.

Team work

On Friday 8 February 2013 Room 6 had a team challenge. This team is making pancakes. Each team took turns at making pancakes, putting up tents and making movies.

This is fun and hard but we are still learning. To make this all happen we had to communicate and join in. We had to be careful around the pan.

This learning was really fun and we all hope to do it again.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Putting Up Tents

On 8 February,  Room 6 of  Springston School had a fun morning putting up tents, making pancakes and making movies.

I brought my tent to school and we had a mission
putting them up and taking them down.

We had to communicate with each other in our team. We also had to join in and all take part and have jobs to do.

Pushing Mr T's car in a team

This is Mr T's car. We were working as a team. It took 11 seconds to push with 5 people working as a team. It is a cool car.

We had to push the car 20 metres. Someone was timing how long it took.

We learnt that team work is the best, the more people working in the team the better. It was a pretty cool day.

Putting up the tent

The team helped each other to put up the tent. They got better on the second go because they talked more and shared their ideas.

Pushing Mr T's Car

This was a team work challenge.

When one person tried to push the car it took 30 seconds.  As more people joined the team, they went much faster.

We discovered that when you work in a team you get things done faster and better and easier.

By Lachie Y5 and Jack S Y4

Team Work - tents

Everyone was putting up tents. It was team work.

Everybody had a piece to put in to build the tent. We all worked well together because we took turns and talked about our plan.

We liked the design of the tent and had an expert expert called Isabella who had the same tent at home.

Written by George Y5 and Tor Y4

Friday, 8 February 2013

Working as a team

Today we pushed Mr T's little car. We wanted to see if a team was better at pushing than one person.   We found out that TEAM's are the fastest.  We thought it was great fun getting to steer the car.  Mr T is very trusting.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jig-saw Team Work

One person from each of our teams met to find out the information about the artist Kandinsky - hidden in secret envelopes. We made notes and then went back to share what we had learned with our home team.

Maggie's Home Learning

This is a picture Maggie sent me of her home learning. I wonder what she is making. This is the first home learning picture for 2014! (oops - really 2013!)

Team Work

Our class has been working on what it takes to work as an effective team.