Thursday, 18 April 2013

Before Sunrise - Tate

A clock-face shines in the dark night.  Tiles make pointy rooves like gingerbread houses.  An angel warrior statue in the centre of town stands sill and tall.

Hiding in the darkness is a shadow.  He has moon white eyes and grey skin.  He is unhappy and wants to find a place where he belongs so he steps out into the world.

After a long time walking he sees dark buildings like shadows in the night.  The moon lights up his drooping eyes and the stars sparkle like glass.  All of a sudden he sees a  stream of golden light shoot out of a window, like a treasure glowing.  

The Shadow creeps carefully through the dark town and up to the glow.  After climbing a giant set of stairs, he walks into  the room.  He gasped!  There are tall crooked stacks of books in a golden glow.  The shadow sees the glow is brighter.  It is a golden candle.  She fluttered her eyes and sparkles fell.

Suddenly the candle became extinguished. The shadow went on his knees at the candle base and sat there lonely as a cloud. The black smoke came from the candle and twisted against the wall, emerging as a girl shadow.
The shadow was nervous but got up and met the new shadow girl. He knew they had a connection.

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