Friday, 27 September 2013

Maggie science reflection

In Room 6 we have done some really cool science. My group did coke and water. What I mean is that we watered one plant with coke and one with water. 

The coke grew the tallest but the water was the healthist. The greenst one was the water. The coke one was really pale. The water had lots of leaves to make the food but the coke one didn't have many leaves so it died. I think next time I will get another flower.

Lucy Science reflection

My hightlight this term was seeing the insect man from Lincon University on our school trip.
I learnt what an insect is. An insect has six legs only.
I worked mostly well with my group.
I think the best team was the butterfly garden group.
I liked making the poster on the computer.
Next time I would put the plants closer to the wifi.

Cats rap by Maggie

Cats, cats, cats!
Small cats
Big cats
Warm, soft, cuddly cats
Sleeping, chasing, bouncing cats
Those are just a few!
Lazy cats too!
Grumpy cats
Greedy cats
Don't forget tiger cats
Last of all, best of all
I like fluffy cats!

Josh D inquiry reflection

My favourite thing in our science inquiry was our experiment because I learnt that soda water might make a plant grow well.  We need to do some more testing.
I loved when Mike the bug man came to show us all his insects.  We learned that there are tree wetas and cave wetas.  Sometimes a small cave weta might live in your house!
On our experiment we didn’t work very well in a team.  I need to share my great ideas more and help them get on with the task.  In the end we had a great experiment to share at The Science Fair. Lots of parents came to see our learning.
I am still wondering if mobile phones are safe around people and how the would affect plants.

Josh's inquiry reflection

The best thing I learned in science inquiry this term was that plants can be used to make medicine.  Seeds need water, warmth and oxygen to germinate.
I worked with two girls and we did a great job as a team.  We all had jobs to do.  I was great at the Science Fair because I explained to Dad everything I knew – I knew LOTS!
Next time we need to put the seeds closer to the WiFi and let them have more light.

Tweet of the Week

Check out the tweets from Kidsedchatnz all about our Term 3 reflections.  we won Tweet of the Week last week.  I wonder who has won it for this week?

Butterfly Garden - The Insect Hotel

We have built the Insect Hotel in the Butterfly Garden.  Just like the tepee, it was bigger than we expected and should house many insect vistiors.  We were very A+ adaptable because the weather was terrible but we kept going.

Our next step is to:
1.  Make an Insect Garden sign.
2.  Complete some research on some of the insects we might get visiting.
3.  Make information cards and blog posts about the insects.
4.  Keep planting to attract insects.
5.  Build the catepillar at the front of the garden.

Over the holidays Allana is going to search for some ornamental yarrow, honeysuckle, bergamont and a buddleia bush to plant in the garden.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Great word workshops

Eight of our class went off to do a workshop using the iPads to help them find better words to use.  I am looking forwards to seeing them use a few of these great words in their writing.  I wonder if they could show us how to use the new iPad App too?  Kids teaching kids - AKO!

Sorry for cutting you off Lucy!

Science Fair

We shared our science experiments with other classes and our families today at the Springston Science Fair.  It is amazing the learning that has taken place and Allana even saw students explaining other people's experiments to their parents.  We have all learnt lots from each other.  That is called AKO - teaching and learning.

Pop-up Area Animals

Let's try another way to experiment with area an perimeter.  Check out these cool pop up animals.  What NET or pattern would you use to create one?  What would the area be and the perimeter?

think carefully about how to fold your animal so that it stands and looks cool!  We are expecting to see an Explain Everything showing how you calculated the perimeter and area of your animal.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Vote for our school

Click on this link and vote for our school.  We could win $1000 of Tui vouchers for the Secret Garden if we win out of all the school. You need an e-mail address so get your family to help.  All teachers and Room 7 - we need you!

Link to vote

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Spud in a Bucket

Have you been to the office to get your very own spud and bucket?  Get it planted as soon as possible to gain the most growth.  We will be checking out the spuds on Picnic Day.

There will be prizes for the most spuds, the biggest spud and the ugliest spud.

Make sure you get yours growing and all the money raised goes to The Secret Garden so we can begin some more cool projects.

Tui Garden Challenge - vote for us!

Check out the blog posts from schools in the Tui Challenge.  Make sure you write us comments and vote for our posts.  Is there any other learning in the garden that you would like to post a blog about in the comepetition?

Remember - vote for us using the big tick!
Click here to visit the blog posts.

Maths: Area & Perimeter What's in your name?

We are looking at the perimeter and area of spaces.
That is:
Perimeter:  how far around the outside  - cm
Area: how much to cover the surface  - cm squared

1.  Make the letters of your name using blocks on the maths sheet.
     (Try to use whole blocks & straight lines.)
2.  Colour in the letters so it is clear how many squares are used.
3.  Count how many edges of the blocks around the outside of each letter = perimeter
4.  Count how many blocks used up in total to cover the letter = areayhu

Kidsedchat topic - Term Reflection

What are we Tweeting about this week?

Make sure you prepare a couple of answers on the Tweet Sheets so we are ready to win Tweet of the Week again this week.  Don't forget that all the other Tweeting Kids are reading your responses and you need to have it RIGHT!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Kids Lit quiz

Last night Lucy and I went to a Lit quiz at Opawa school. Springston A team came 4th and the other Springston team came 7th. Opawa won again so it will be at Opawa school again. It was really fun and I hope I get choose for the team next year aswell. We got a prize each even if we didn't win. Six schools got invited and each school had two teams. There was also a reserves team for the people who were reserves. I would vote the Lit Quiz 9/10.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Morris Lessmore

I was siting down reading my book when all of a sudden the wind, which had started as a light breeze,  started blowning violently.  I pretended that nothing  was happening  but as quick as a boulder falling,  pages were blowing past me.  I woundered if I was heavy enough then suddenly I was hovering and then-blown away.  It felt like a dream and I was clinging onto a street post in the middle of a tornado.  Bicycles flew past.  Would I ever survive to see if I could rescue my books?

Tweet of the Week - it was us!

On Wednesdays we join in the Kidsedchat Twitter sessions with kids from all over New Zealand.  This week we tweeted about what makes a good teacher.  We makde lots of great tweets and shared our KidsAKO workshops.  Check out who won 'Tweet of the Week'!

Morris Lessmore

Morris was sitting on his veranda all of a sudden it started blowing.
Loudly the wind horribly threw Morris accross the veranda as he anxiously gets scared.
Howling, the wind sucked up Morris' books high into the sky.
Before long even the house was gone.
MORRIS was sad.
Will he survive this drama?

Morris Lessmore

Books are stacked surrounding Morris Lessmore.
He looks up in surprise as his chair suddenly moves along the veranda. He is worried. He is scared.
Violently books and pages flew past him as he was thrown into the air.
Morris is swept up into the tornado.
He can live or can’t he?

Morris Lessmore

Morris Lessmore sat amongst piles of books like crooked towers getting lost in a story when the sky suddnenly turned black.  An angry howling wind whipped up the colourful books like they were a flock of flapping birds.
Dangerously caught by the wind, Morris’ hat danced merrily on his head.  While he was clutching his chair, the wind skidded him accross the deck making his eyes widen in fear.  Sucked right up!
Swirling around amongst books and houses, Morris wondered when or if the winds would ever let him go.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

#Kidsedchatnz topic this Wednesday - teachers!

Make sure you prepare your tweet during writing time on the Tweet Sheet.  What question are you going to answer?  Put your tweet on our tweet wall in the cloakbay.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Slow writing - follow the rules for each sentence

I have a great surprise for the Year 4 students - you Year 5's already know and love this story!

We will be doing some slow writing based around the storm in  'The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore' this week.  

I can't wait to see it published on your blogs!

Slow Writing:
1.  Appeal to the senses
2.  Use three adjectives
3.  Start with an adverb
4.  Contain a connective
5.  Use only three words
6.  Be a question

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Wind

 The wind has blown my dog.  He went outside to see what was happening and was whimpering as the back trap door to the attick got sucked up and down.  The bikes were blowing over I was just sleeping like Dad.   Everone else as awake.  Garth was screaming because he sleeps with the lights on and his screams were like an alarm dog was barking.  Caz was killing Merin and Garth by jumping on them.  At 4am it was like a night club at our house with no power and sort of like a night club with no disk ball.  Mum was not happy!  
The first thing my mum does in the morning is to have a cup of tea but with no power she could not have one.  It made her grumpy!
I liked the wind because we got to invide friends over and not go to school.

By Tor

Storm like a wild monster

On Tuesday night a great battle began and I was in the middle.

Olive trees bent dangerously to the ground like ancient ballet dancers.  The gusting wind grabbed greedily at the window panes, blowing them in and out like a set of lungs.
Lights flickered!
I knew that the monster was awiting to pounce.
Lioghtening flashed accross the sky, lighting up the darkness.  The terrible growl of thunder echoed around for ages making me nervous.

Was I safe?  Would my house stand strong or blow over like so many domino trees with umbrella roots?
What would I see in the morning wehen the sun rose?

By Allana

In the Storm

Power going boom! Switching off as I shake.
Over my head, lightning streaks as I smash my ears with my hands.
Wondering when the power will be on?
Exploding thunder, like it is in my room.
Recommending that the power should be on tomorrow!

By Jack B

Thursday, 12 September 2013

School open Friday

Congratulations on your A+ Adaptability as we struggle with the challenge of no power. We have no indication as yet when power will be restored to school. We plan to open school on Friday provided the weather is fine, regardless of the lack of power.

Some things you need to know: The back gate to school via the field and Secret Garden are both locked and closed until further notice. This is a safety issue because of tree damage and it is likely that these gates will be locked for the rest of Term 3.

On Friday afternoon we are planning a fun event at the Domain for the children to welcome them back to school. We will be leaving for a picnic lunch and activities at 12pm and welcome you to join us. Subway will run as normal. Icy-slicy will be postponed until next Friday.

Please note that with the power being out, we have no phones, heating or alarm systems. We will leave it to your discretion as to whether you send your children to school. If the weather should turn cold or wet, these plans will need to be reviewed. The school will open unless you are advised that it is closed by school websitesFacebook and the More 92 FM radio station.

No power STILL - no school!

Thursday 12th September Sorry Team - still no power at school. This means you need to stay at home and work on your Home Learning Grid - or anything else exciting. I expect to hear all about what you did tomorrow! Allana

Monday, 9 September 2013

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Kidsedchatnz - topic for Twitter Wednesday!

We will not be using our #kidsedchatnz hashtag anymore because of spammers.  They saw that we were trending (That is we were very popular and busy tweeting) so they added their own tweets that were quite rude.  As a result we are on the Kidswedchatnz list and can follow that way.  Only the people on the list can be seed so it will be safe.

Get ready to Tweet!
Have a think about these questions.  They are riught up our alley for this term.  Can you get a tweet ready for Wednesday?  Use the tweet sheet and think about adding a blog link or image too!

Kidsedchatnz website

Kidsedchatnz Twitter list

Saturday, 7 September 2013

KidsAKO Movie!

Check out the great movie of our amazing day KidsAKO.  All the students ran exciting workshops for other students.  Thanks to Jennie for making this great movie and sharing it with us.

large from Jennie Lyall on Vimeo.

Science Fair Ideas

We brainstormed all the things we wanted to investigate about growing plants - there were quite a few!

The inquiry focus questions our groups selected were as follows:

Who do different liquids affect plant growth?
What is the best liquid for plant growth?

How do WiFi waves affect seed germination?
How do WiFi waves affect plant growth?

What plants have adapted to be best suited to the cold?
What adaptations help plants survive in the cold?

What plants attract butterflies?

How does liquid travel within a plant?

Is it a fruit?

We looked at how to decide if something was a fruit or not.  It took lots of cutting and sorting before we say that a fruit has seeds that are protected by a swollen ovary.  Using this criteria we discovered that peas are not a fruit but a cucumber and pumpkin are!

Can you see the mistake Allana made with the chart using the real examples of fruit and vegetables?Tell us in a comment what the problem is!

Springston A+ Students

Check out our next lot of Springston Students showing A+ Characteristics!