Sunday, 30 June 2013

Home Learning Grid

Check out the possible exciting learning you could try at home these next two weeks.  Remember to read every night, work on your tables and spelling.

Home learning is due in for class sharing on Friday 12th July.

Blog posts and copmments are an excellent way to support our writing community.  Make sure you check out our friends at  Kowhai Conversation.  They love to get comments from their Blog Buddies.

How many blog visitors?

Mmmm - what does this mean to you?

Can you read this number out loud?
Why is it important for people to visit our blog?

Where are these people coming from - check the details and find them on the map.

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2013 - Work on your korero (talk)

Test out this great website for interactive activities on using your Te Reo.

Ko te aha tenei ra? What is the day?

This is our very first attempt at asking what the day is in Te Reo.  Keep watching the blog to see how we improve.

What is the day - in Te Reo

Just so you can review what we have already learned - here is the skipping rhyme we love so much.  It will help you remember the days of the week.

Remember to make an action for each day to help your brain make the connections.

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2013

Months of the year:
This is what Allana is trying to learn.  Have a listen to the video and keep testing her all through the day.  This will help with her Te Reo test on Thursday.  :)

Hui tanguru
Poutū te rangi
Whiringa ā nuku
Whiringa ā rangi

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2013

Welcome to Māori Language Week.  (Click on the pictures for a larger view)
These resources were either created by myself or come from Te Wanaga of Aoeteroa, with permission for classroom use.  Please see more resources on Te Reo 4 Springston)

We have really been working on our Te Reo this term and this is an excuse to learn even more.  We would also like to make some resources to share with other shools to support their Te Reo Learning.

These are some of the things we will be learning this week:

Personal Mihi:
Practise our personal mihi and make a Puppet Pals video of it.  We will share these during the week. (Make sure only to record the first names of your family members so we can safely post them on the blog.)  We will connect them  to our visual mihi for you to see next week.

Who is in my whanau?
We will find out the names of the people in our whanau so we can ask and answer the following questions.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Lincoln Sports Training

On Tuesday students from Lincoln Secondary School came and ran training skills for The Middle School.  We had sessions on either netball, soccer, rugby or basketball.

Pirate equal shares

We had trouble doing equal shares using repeated addition so Allana had to find another way to do it.  Our pirates didn't share gold coins or even jewels.  Our pirates shared Fruit Bursts.

When we shared equally, these we the steps we took.
1. Find the total to share and by how many
2. Skip count in tens to see if that fits
3. Move down to skip count in fives 
4. Try skip counting in twos to see if they fit
5. Share out what is left over

4 + 4 + 4 + 4 =16
4 x 4 = 16

5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 25
5 x 5 = 25

Thursday, 27 June 2013

How can we get better?

E team - who are we?

E-Team Endeavour Waka.

Hi we are the E-Team Endeavour and we are a group of 8-9 year old students at Springston School, Christchurch, New Zealand. Our class is special because we have a waka, we love doing Daily 5 and have an amazing blog to share our learning. 

Team Endeavour have a waka that we are all in and paddle together to follow the pathways of learning.
The first paddle is AKO AKO is kids teach teachers and teachers teach kids and kids teach kids. Then comes know your target like your writing target and your self managing target. As you can see the next one is show respect.  That means that if someone is showing you something and talking you show respect by listening. The third paddle is work us a team, which means a group of people work nicely us a group and do the best work they can.
The fifth paddle is give our best that means when you are told to work hard you give your best work you can. The last one is be ready to learn that means you have your pencil and pen and be ready. This gets us working and has our best learning.

We love our Daily 5 because it helps us in our reading.  The four tasks and they are listen to reading,  read to self, work on word, and read to someone, that is sit EEKK EEKK is knee to knee elbow to elbow book in the middle so we both can see. 

The cafe board is an important part of Daily 5.  It shows the strategies for reading on the wall.  
C = comprehension - I understand what I am reading
A = accuracy -  I read a variety of words
F= fluency - I don’t sound like a robot
E= expand vocabulary  - I am finding out the meanings of new words.
Daily 5 is a good learning tool for learning to read and is the best.

The E-Team blog makes us proud. We can get better at our writing and reading because we get good comments from our readers. We see how we can edit it and we can share our learning. We can work with the whole world and can have our own blogs. We can have blog buddies and get the best learning. The blog is a good class tool and can make us proud.

From Bella

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

ECO Team - Vision Map

Lots of our class are in the ECO Team.  Check out what they achieved today - with lots of help from Maggie's Nana!  Go Nana power!  This is our whole school vision of what we want to achieve to make our school even better.  Our plans will be written on the petals and drop of as we begin them, then float in the river as they are achieved.

We are Team Endeavour - explanation - Chloe

Who is Team Endeavour and what do they believe?

Hi we are the team Endeavour or we are known as the Endeavour Waka because we are all in the Waka and work as a team. We are all a class of 8 to 10 year olds who have 300 people visit our amazing blog a day. Some of the Team Endeavour kids have their own blog! (Kids Blogs)

In the Team Endeavour we work as a team like we are paddling a Waka. The paddles remind us what we believe.
In one of the paddles we have show respect.  This means we show respect in class. Our second paddle is to give our best.  This means we try to give 100% work. The third paddle is AKO.  This means that we are all teachers and learners.  We teach others. The fourth paddle is know our targets. This means we know our targets all day.  The fifth paddle is be ready to learn. This means we have everything ready for the next learning lesson. The sixth paddle is work as a team. This means we all work together. As you can see, Waka Endeavour is all about working together to get down our learning path.

Team Endeavour is so proud because they get to share their learning with the world and it’s fun to get comments. When we get comments it helps us know our next steps for our learning and get ideas. We can buddy with other classes in New Zealand.  We are proud of all the things that the E-Team puts on their blog and makes us get better at our learning. We can share our Te Reo, learning, home play challenges and especially our writing. Every class should have a blog so you know your next learning steps.

The E-Team Endeavour uses Daily 5 every week day. We have three tasks -  they are read to self, listen to reading and read to buddy. We have anchor charts that help us know what we need to work on and what we need to do.

A very important part of Daily 5 is the cafe board.  This tells us the strategies to use and what our targets are for reading. The parts of the CAFE board are ...
C= comprehension. That means I understand what I read. 
A= accuracy. That means I can read a variety of words.
F= fluency. That means I can read with accuracy and expression. 
E= expand vocabulary. That means I am finding out the meanings of new words. 

So we select good  fit books, we use ‘I Pick’.  That stands for:
I = I pick. 
p = purpose.  That means why do I want to read?
I = interest. That means does it interest me?
C = comprehend. That means do I understand it?
K = know. That means do I know most of the words? 
Daily 5 really helps us become better readers because we read all the time with our nose in the book.  

As you can see the Team Endeavour is a very good class if you want to be a great learner. If you can look on our blog and see what the Team Endeavour is getting up to. (Endeavour Blog)

By Chloe

Secret Garden Harvest

Hi I am Harriet and I have been at the Secret Garden. I harvested two  cauliflower, one broccoli and a cabbage.
I love the secret garden because you get to do really cool stuff.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

#kidsedchatnz : is sport important in school?

This weeks #kidsedchatnz is all about the importance of sport/PE in school.
Q1. Is sport important in school?/ Is there enough sport and physical activity within our school day?
Q2. What do you learn from sport? Does it benefit your learning?
Q3. Are team sports more important than individual ones in Primary School?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Skip counting - what does it look like?

Jojo, Isabella and Charlie have been working on skip counting.  Take a look at these 100's charts.  What skip counting are they showing?  Have you noticed, they didn't just make one, they skip counted with 3, 5, and 10.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Skip count in threes game

Watch the video and write a comment with the answer.  How many groups of three were in the game and what total soes this make?  Try playing this game in maths with your team.  Can you try in other groups like fours or sixes?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Home Learning - Daniella

Daniella has just made 4-5 comments and sent this image for a blog post.  Does anyone think she wants a blog of her own?

This what I made, does it make you hungry?  Daniella

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Springston A+ Characteristics

Check out some more A+ students from The E - Team Endeavour.  We award two certificates to students every assembly  - once a fortnight.

A+ Students in Team Endeavour

Saturday, 15 June 2013

E-Team Endeavour play.

Team Endeavour have been working on trees, bird masks, a backdrop and robot bugs for a play.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Message from Spot

We got to school this morning and found Spot waiting.  We were so excited that one of us danced around the room hugging spot and shouting his name! 

This is the message he had for us.  We might need to teach him to use a capital for I. 

Angry birds Star Wars picture

Last weekend I drew a angry birds Star Wars picture. The one on the right is called red sky walker and the one on the left is R2D2.

By Zac

Toffee home learning

In the after noon I made toffee and toffee apples But we ate all the toffee apples.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mascot swap

Spot and Jack the Cat went to Te Reo with the teachers last night.  They learned the Māori days of the week and sang Te Honore.  Spot just rested against the coffee cup, that belonged to Allana and was empty, but he did eat a gummy bear.  

Jack said her couldn't wait to get back to Kowhai Conversation and Spot had been missing Team Endeavour, even though he has had heaps of fun visiting Weedons. 

Snug garden

Jess and Isabella got their vegetable bed tucked up nice and warm for the winter. The pea straw is a mulch and will stop the weeds growing.  This will save them having to do much weeding!

Working as a team in inquiry.

In inquiry we, Room 6, have been working on a play based on Mrs Taylor's cool re-write of the myth about the kiwi losing his wings.  

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Secret Garden

We have a great time down at the Secret Garden every lunchtime.  We build spiral herb gardens, compost and make scare crows.  You should come along and get your own allotment too!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Eco vision map

On Tuesday the 11/6/13 at second break the Eco Team started to colour in our vision map.

It was Josephine's idea of what her dream vision map would be. We all helped do our own part. After we finished all of the colouring it actually looked better than we thought it would look.

This was the map that we developed from the whole schools' ideas that Matt helped us sort yesterday.
By Lucy and Chloe

Strategies: skip counting in 5

Jojo, Isabella M and Charlie are becoming experts at skip counting in 5.  The abacus is hidden and they have to know how many beads have been shifted by the clinks they hear.

This helps you learn your times tables. 

Jack's learning

Jack is loving it to learn with us. Now he is ticking off his daily5 tracker.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Home Learning - Lego building

Hello Mrs Taylor
This is my Lego jail house and a plane. The snake has been caught for robbing the bank. 
From Phelix

Twitter Kidschatnz topic for Thursday

Get your ideas together - try using a Tweet Sheet!

The topc of conversation this week is...
Q1. Other that reading, what homework would you like to do?

Q2. How important do you think homework is? And why?
Q3. What do you think would be the best homework to help you with your schooling?

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Genius Hour #2 Reflection

I always think Genius Hour is going to have me pulling my hair out with children all doing something different but I had to go and get the next-door teacher to come through and take a look.  The E-Team Endeavour were all engrossed in their chosen projects and managing their challenges well.  Take a look at a few images.

Check out our evaluations of the Genius Hour Session #2