Thursday, 1 September 2011

Co-operative Games

Tuesday is a day to look forward to because we get to play co-operative games and investigate what makes a good team. Check out our foot volley ball and our stretcher designs. We had to carry a heavy weight across the court - with a bowl ow water on it. The winning team was both quick and careful so the water didn't spill.

Today we thought it was important to work with different people because they have good ideas. We found out that sometimes you need to get close and talk quietly in a team if you want to all hear. Ryan also found some people who were encouraging their team and others who were asking questions.

Thinking Games

Allana went shopping for some thinking games on the weekend and we have been having heaps of fun testing them out.
She thought they were too hard (for her not us) but we have been having fun with Tantrix and creating some amazing designs with a new game from this designer.

What do you think of our patterns?

Team Challenges

On Tuesdays we have team challenges. This week Tony challenged our groups to create a bridge that would carry a heavy weight - out of just newspaper, string and tape.

As you can see, we did a great job. They all worked so well that we had Macaulay test them to destruction. Even then some of our bridges didn't break.

We decided that our ideas were better in a team. We could get more done in a team. We thought that it was important to include everyone too.

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