Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Before Sunrise

The shadow was worried that if he stayed, he’d turn bad like them!  He decided to step out into the dark world.

The Shadow  looks like an alien with shiny white eyes. As he stands above the city, the crater painted moon matched his eyes.  After a loge time walking, the Shadow’s eye  was caught by a glowing light out of a little window. He wants to go and have a look at what is making the light.

He went sneaking through the dark streets.  He climbed huge steps into the building.  His face gasped in shock.  There were many books in tall towers.  He had to keep it a secret because it was a treasure to him. 

In front of the moon was a shimmering candle.  Her face blushed pink as the shadow crept closer.  She looked away and shimmered her eyes.  The Shadow was in love.

The Shadow saw the old man blow out the living candle and his heart raced and pounded.    He hugged the dark candle with a tear in his eyes.  The smoke danced dramatically above his head and a new shadow was born.  He look up in amazement.  She was still alive.

By Josh G  9 Years

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