Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The water bucket again!

This is a really good way to think about what you are going to write.  I can't wait to see what Nathan and Isaac write tomorrow.

The water bucket at camp

Liam and Freya thought carefully about a very special moment on camp.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Check out camp!

We had a wonderful time.  Take a look at the evidence.  Make sure you all send your photos in so we can see what everyone else got up to - not just evidence from Allana's iPad!

Room 6 Camp on PhotoPeach

Moment in time - camp

Jeremy and Angus have used a Photo-Babble to help them think about a "moment in time' from camp.  Can you guess what moment they are thinking of?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Senior Athletics

Senior athletics will begin at 11am today.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Collaborative Spring Poem 6

Spring Poem 6
Written by Liam, Georgia, Daniella , Alice, Abby and Bailey

I know spring is coming because....
Grape hyacinth gather like exploding grapes
Pink and white blossom sway in the trees, like a windmill
Daffodils dance in the wind for joy
Tulips explode like a volcano bubbling.
Lambs baa like birds singing and chirping.
The calves jump around.

Collaborative Spring Poem 5

Spring Poem 5
written by Graeson, Chloe, Phelix, Isaac, Callum, Zeus and Jared
Springston School and Ranzau School

We know it is spring because...
Daffodils sway in the beat of the wind.
Lambs jump in the air like fireworks dancing.
Flowers explode like hovering paint missiles.
Deer jump out of hibernation like a person getting out of jail.
The sun shines, the flower grow in the beautiful spring.
Flowers burst like bits of pop corn.
The wind blows like the sea.

Collaborative Spring Poem 4

Spring Poem 4
Written by Eli, Isabella, Lachie, Matthew, Carolyne, Rohan and Jacob

I know it is spring because ….
Sun shines like a tide of warmth coming in.
Daffodils sway like they’re dancing.
Lambs jump in the air like bulls going psycho.
The leaves fly across the world like rockets blasting through space.
The trees turn golden in the sunlight.
Flowers sway in the wind like elegant ballerinas.
The golden leaves brush against the trees branches.

Collaborative Springs Poem 3

Spring Poem 3
Written by Reeve, Jess, Josh & Reuben, Daniel and Jordy
Springston School and Ranzau School

I know spring is coming because...

Calves sail through the air as they leap with joy.
The daffodils bloom in the air and go with the flow of the wind.
Lambs jump like rockets into the sky.
Lambs snuggle fluffy like socks your  grandma knitted.
Leaves sprout with joy from the trees.
The flowers pop up like popcorn ready to eat.
Trees sway from side to side like someone dancing.

Collaborative Spring Poem 2

Spring Poem 2 written by Sophie, Angus, Jojo, Ella, Shontelle, Megan and Jason of Springston and Ranzau Schools.

We know spring is coming because...
Daffodils sway in the wind and look like trumpets with an eye.
Ranunculus explode like mixed up paint colours.
Grape Hyacinths cluster like handfuls of blueberries ready to be eaten.
Flowers bloom like popcorn.
Lambs jump as high as the sky.
Butterflies flutter in the sky like a fairy.

Collaborative Spring Poem 1

Spring Poem
Shared writing by Isabella K, George, Jeremy, Ripora, Bella of Springston School, Regan, Max, and Karla of Ranzau School.

I know spring is coming because...
Lambs spring about like jumping beans in the air when the wind sways.
Calves run in the the long grass with joy.
Ranuculus flowers sway left to right like the wind flowing through the air.
Flowers blossom, piglets born, brown ones too.
Sparrows build nests and lay huge eggs which soon hatch.
Petals fly through the air like butterflies.
The lambs run around like it is a running race.
Lambs jump up like they have springs on their feet.
Bird eggs crack like delicious fruit being snapped off trees.