Sunday, 29 June 2014

Check out Maya's Holiday

Maya went off on holiday and she made this movie to share it with us.  Great planning and voice-over Maya!


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Five Sentence Challenge Showcase #17

Check out the showcase of the great writing from our 'Market' image.  Can we please put some comments on the posts of these children just learning how to write?

Science Experiment: Icy Fluid

Science Experiment: Melting chocolate

Zombie Attack

This is a story that Nina and Rosie wrote yesterday together on Google Docs. The have quite an imagination between them! Do not read this if you have nightmares!

One night a little girl called Georgia went into a graveyard to visit her grandma who was buried there.  It was so foggy Georgia could not see anything. The trees were like bodies standing in the mist.
Then she heard some groaning noises. There was a black shape in the distance. Bravely she took another step forwards, then she went tumbling down a hill. At the bottom she fell on something sticky.

When she woke up it was silent and she was sitting in a mysterious gloop. It wouldn’t let go of her, no matter how hard she tried to escape!  

The misty black shape in the distance was getting closer… but was it only one? Oh no, there were hundreds! Georgia realized that they were zombies! She was so scared that it seemed like the breath was being sucked from her lungs.  

Quickly Georgia used all her strength to break free from the gloop. She was running as fast as she could.  She was running for her life but the zombies were faster.

She stopped for just a second to get her breath and waited for the zombies to eat her. But she was still alive.  They had run straight past her.  They were headed for the city!

When the Zombies got to the centre of Christchurch City they bounded into the shops looking for brains to eat for supper. While Georgia was relieved that the zombies weren't going for her, she didn’t like the sudden scream she heard from the bakery shop.
Mr Cloud the bakery owner was getting his brain pulled out. As the author, I can’t described how gross it was because it would give you nightmares!

As the zombies went from shop to shop eating brains, Georgia suddenly thought about her family.  Would they be safe?  
The Zombies were peering into the windows of each house looking for more brains. The people were terrified when they saw the ugly faces of the zombies looking through their windows. Parents rushed to collect their children from school to keep them safe. Most of them didn’t make it, but some were lucky.

The parents screamed while the kids started to wail in agony as their brains got pulled out. But unfortunately the kids were all eaten after a while. The Zombies turned around slowly and stared at the the last lot of  the people in the city.  Georgia was still paralyzed from what she had just seen.

Then Georgia realised that it was all silent. No-one moved.  There was no sound!  She knew that her mum, dad and brother were gone. She burst into tears. Would she have to live with the zombies, she asked herself?

Then the zombies were coming towards her, and fast. Again she was running as fast as she could to survive. Then she realised that it was just a nightmare. She heard her mother calling her to get up. ` ‘Georgia, Georgia time to get up. It is time for school.”

She was so glad it was just a nightmare.

Monday, 23 June 2014

5 Sentence Challenge # 18

Check out this picture to write about.  Think about our SLOW WRITING - could we use that idea to help us with the 5SC?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Constructive Comments from students

Take a look at the comments you are making on the writing of others.  Are they constructive comments?

Hi Phoebe, You could go back and reread your comment and correct the mistakes in your comment. 

Submitted on June 19, 2014 at 9:50 AM
Hey Ryan 
Thats is Wicked! The emerald staff will really help you when you face ender dragon. Why do you like the Hunger games?

Hi Alfonso I like the way you put the story together. Maby you could of had your own piture. How do you enchant. 
By Jack B – 9 years old.

what a good post Jack. 
love the way you said like a thunder storm to describe the cat. 
I think you need to add more detail to your story.


I do like your post Aria, but one of your sentences do not make sense. 
You should go back and reread your story to see if it makes sense.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Oooo - Rosie is famous!

Check it out!  Rosie is the first blog post on the  website.  The person running the website is

the amazing person who runs the 5 Sentence Challenge and 100 Word Challenge.

Go and have a look at Rosie on the blog and I challenge you to go back a post on our blog and visit the writers of the 5SC and give them some AKOKids comments!

Monday, 16 June 2014

AKO Kids - can we write comments for The 5 Sentence Challenge?

We are getting lots of constructive comments on our 5 Sentence Challenge posts.  Are we good at writing constructive comments?  Could we help other writers by giving them a constructive comment?

Check out the rules for writing a constructive blog comment....

Click here to find the blogs you can comment on.  Remember...
1.  Use their name
2.  Say what is good
3.  Give and idea on what to fix - give an example
4.  Finish with a question or encouragement
5.  Lastly add our URL so they can come back and visit us.  

Remember - we know about writing and believe in KidsAKO (Kids teaching kids) so get in there and help others become better writers too!  It is all about being the 'Experts' in blogging and helping others.

Listen to Reading : Storyline

Check out this great new website to listen to some great stories.

Sammy's home learning

Check out this science experiment about cooking bacon.

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Rosie

Busy bustling people buying all this stuff for super. The smell of fresh cheese filled my nostrils. The noise was the worst it sounded like a herd of elephants.The tall shops and towers looked over the village. The bunting hung in the breeze like colourful dinosaur teeth.

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Arohaina

The Market

Tall buildings gather around the market. They have window eyes watching and bunting dancing for joy in the breeze.
The sound of happy chatter surrounds me as the bells chime from the church tower.
Teasing arms surround me and my mouth waters as I smell sharp cheese hot bacon butties cooking.
I'd like to eat one!

From Arohaina 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Sarah

Flossy, white clouds dancing, high as they get pierced by the spires like icicles upside down. Down below hoarse voices ring out to one another "goat cheese for sale" he say's haply. I can't resist a slick, slim, swift lick of the jam in the pot. Dazzling & dancing in the breeze as the bunting swings side to side. The bacon butties smell wafts over to my nose as I  try a piece.

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Libby

On  a nice and sunny day big Ben sat in the hot sun. All the people sat and sold their things. The bunting hanging on the buildings. Big Ben's bells rang and all the people packed up and went home. Big Ben sat big and tall in the hot sun.

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Aria

Ding, dong went the old rusty bell tower.
When I saw two beautiful bunting that looked like dinosaur teeth above a tall building!
The market was filled with lot of people. All around was people rushing to get the jam before it went out. There was lots of delicious sharp cheese.

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Gemma

Shops in a semi circle guarding the people while the hidden brown church bell chimes.
Flying fluffy fighting white clouds swirl as they get pricked by sky high spires that look like upside down icicles.
The sweet scent of red roses fill my nose as cheerful and bustling people push past me.
Bright bunting flags are dancing in the breeze like dinosaurs chomping their teeth as I got spellbinded to the scenery.
People almost pushed me as I caught a sweet smell of jam and cheesy bread and I felt sad because I didn't think I had any money on me, but as I faintly remember me putting some money in my purse I decided to double check, but while I checked, money fell out of my pocket and into my hands and because of that I was very very happy and perhaps I could buy could buy some bread after all!

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Maya

People racing trying to  get the jam before it is sold. The sweet smell of strawberry cider fills my nose. The bunting  swishing and swaying like a fish doing gangman style. The bell tower standing tall like a solider. I wish this day would never end.

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Kaylee

“Yum” the sweet smell of strawberry jam fills my nose. In the distance above all the hustle and bustle I could hear the church bell ringing. The colourful bunting were waying gracefully in the breeze. All of the children were running to get lots of yummy sweets. I just knew that it would be really fun.

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Taylah

The smell of roses fills the air in my nose. Bunting is hung from wall to wall while the bell tower is chiming.
Kids are running around having fun enjoying the market. Hey look - there's even a lady selling hamburgers. If you don’t like hamburgers there are great drinks.

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Estelle

The bell tower chimes above the ground high in the sky with the bright sun revealing its dull brown colour.

Bunting hangs high above the ground looking like dinosaur teeth.

The people gather around the stalls, crowding the poor market sellers.

The cheerful colour of the shops brings everything to life.

All the different colours of cheese light the corner of my eye.  By Estelle - 8 years old

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Tuala

I see a church building and the sun shines like fire.
I see yummy cheese it tastes like a yummy morning tea.
There is huge building with brown stripes and it is amazing.
The plant looks  like strawberries which are my favourite fruit.
I love coming to the market.  By Tuala 8 years old.

5 Minute Challenge: Alfonso

The big tall buildings were surrounding the people. They were selling lots of food for people to eat.  There  were kids with their parents and lots of people in the fish and chip shop.
Beside the village shop, right behind the big green tree ,was a big clock  tower looking over the crowd. The colourful bunting was hanging from the buildings and looked like dinosour teeth.  By Alfonso - 9 years old

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

5 sentence challenge #17 Tate

As the bell tower struck 10am the market went wild. You'll smell the lava like roses. As well as you can hear everyone talking. You can see the bunting chomping like dinosaur teeth. I bet you can just taste the big juicy hamburgers. By Tate

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Sammy

One day my mum took me to the market. I walked around the market to find a bacon butte . The man with mum was slicing some cheese for us to sample. I had $5 to spend so I bought a bacon butte. The  sauce exploded all over my face. 

5 Sentence challenge #17 Katie

The smell of fresh cheese fills my nose. I hear the church bell ringing behind all of the happy chattering. I see the bunting swaying in the fresh breeze. Kids rushing to get the jam before it was all sold out. I wish this day would never end.  Katie - 8 years old

Monday, 9 June 2014

Can you walk on water - oops custard?

What is the science involved?  
What experiment does this remind you of?
What questions do you have?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Five sentence challenge: Prompt #17

Are you up for the challenge?  
Do you want to enter an international writing challenge?
Can you write five of your best ever sentences?

This challenge is called the Five Sentence Challenge for kids all around the world.  It gets posted on a Thursday and must be posted on the blog two weeks later.  We have started late so our posts must be up by this Thursday 12th June.

The prompt this time is this busy market place in England.  Make sure you look really carefully at the picture so that your sentences are really interesting.

Remember to use all five of your sentences and that adding connectives can make them longser so more detail can be added.  Try using one simile, 1-2 connectives and some very 'Magical' words.

1.  Brainstorm your ideas and 'Magical' words.
2. Write a simile you could include.
3.  Write 'senses words' to include.
4.  Draft out your five sentences.
5.  Take your sentences through editing - Writer's Eyes.
6.  Look for ways to rearrange your sentences or add connectives to improve them.
7.  Publish on the class blog with the image inserted.
8.  Title - 5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Allana (your name).

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rosie gives up the puppies

Check out the piece Rosie posted on her own blog.  It is about having to give up all the puppies to new homes.  I have added a picture of when her puppies came to visit us at school.

Today is the day that the farmer is coming to pick up one of our puppies.  I'm standing in the dog run. I'm so nervous. I hope I don't cry. I wonder what puppy will get chosen. I hope it's not my favourite, not that I really have one but I do like some better than the others.  The puppies are circling me like a pack of dolphins around a boat.  I pick up Stripes, her furry face rubs against my skin. I hear the sound of two cars pulling up and soon a family of five are standing next to me in the run. The farmer picks up Nike and he says  "I prefer black and white rather than the tricolours"  I give Nike one last hug as she heads to her new life.

The next weeks went by and we still had six puppies. It is Monday I was on the way from pottery with Sarah when dad said that a guy is coming to pick up Harry. I asked him if Harry had gone yet. He said he didn't know.  After we dropped off Sarah we said a quick hello to mum and then zipped down to Bruce's to see if Harry had gone yet. As we drove I had a sudden sadness. I didn't know it was going to be this hard to say good-by to Harry. When Nike went it wasn't this hard because they looked friendly and they had kids plus Bruce knew them. went over to the kennel where Harry was. A few more minutes went by, finally the man came. He looked rough.... well he was rough.   I couldn't hold it, secretly wimpered.

Te Reo: What can you do? Ka taea e koe te aha?

We are learning how to ask and answer this question in class.  Allana has only just learnt at her Te Reo class so we are keeping up with her!  

Check out our sheet below.  Can you ask this question in class today?

kai = eat
moe = sleep
kanikani = dance
pakipaki = clap
oma = run
waiata = sing
korero = talk
hikoi = walk
inu = drink
whakarongo = listen
titiro = look
pānui = read

Home Learning: Patrick the scientist!

Patrick has been getting very busy with the science experiments and then writing about them.  Check out his work.

Monday, 2 June 2014

What's through the Secret Door?

Check out this amazing door. Every time you push it open, you go to another place.

Gather ideas, make notes and write about your destination.  Remember to take a screen shot so you can look at it again later and add it to your blog post.

The Secret Door
The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK

Minecraft Tips Blog

Check out the blog some learners are creating.  They are 11-12year olds.  What can you learn from them and what constructive comments can you give them?

Week 5-6 Home Play Challenge

You challenge - should you choose to accept it......  complete one of these options.

1.  Access the Kidscafe Movies via the website and do some learning at home.  How about trying 'Fried Rice', learning a Yo Yo Trick or how to Make 3 minute chocolate cake.  Link here.

2.  Plan a couple of Tweets about Kids Cafe Day or your learning.

3.  Fill out a set of instructions and storyboard to make your next Kidscafenz Movie.

4.  Carry our 1-2 more science experiments.

5.  Make a movie showing your science home learning experiment - for the blog.

6.  Make a movie or poster selling your favourite book.

7.  Carry out research or experiments to help your science inquiry team.

8.  Any special project you want to negotiate with Allana.

Be ready to share your learning on Monday of Week 7 - 16th June.  We want some cool posts on the blog so check up on the How To poster on the wall.

Kids Cafe Day #1

Kids Cafe Day #1 on PhotoPeach