Thursday, 27 March 2014

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Check out the new posts from Logan, Ollie and Aria on the ECO Blog.

There is a quiz for you to get the answers right.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Speck goes sailing with Robbie

Speck had an adventure last night! He went sailing! At the weekend I went to the ICONZ Raft Race. I made a boat out of flax because we had mini raft races down the river. We also had big rafts with four of us on board and it was really fun.

Speck saw my little raft and he said 'Can we go sailing?' I said 'What on?' Speck said 'That little raft looks just the right size for me!'
So I said 'Mum Speck wants to go sailing!' Mum said 'I know just the place!'

Here are the photos of Speck sailing on the raft in the sun. He went out really deep and I thought I couldn't get him back. Then I had a great idea. I yelled out 'Lets get the flippers from the car'. We made waves with the flippers at the edge to push the little raft to the other side of the pond and I ran round and rescued Speck and his little raft.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Home Learning for the rest of term!

Home Learning
There have been lots of parents asking about home learning in our class.  Here is a reminder so you know what is expected every week.

These things feed into our class programme.  Writing seeds form the basis of any free writing done by your child and the writing that comes to school on Monday is edited with a buddy and continues along the writing process until it is published.  These things are required EVERY WEEK.

However - there are sometimes fun optional Home Play Challenges set.  Here is our next one…..
You have heaps of time to plan and experiment for the end of term and Easter.

How do you eat your creme egg?


The ideas on this movie clip were pretty lame so try some creative options of your own:
Frozen, melted on ice-cream, smashed?  In the bath, in a onesie or up a tree?  How could you tell the story of smashing your egg, how it got up the tree…?

Create a short movie of how you eat your creme egg.  It should not be longer than about one minute and hopefully have a commentary and or music.  Good luck my Secret Creme Egg Eaters!

We will share these movies in the last week of school so they are due on in Friday 11th April at 3pm.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Litter Pickers - ECO Promotions

The Litter Pickers are ECO leaders who are trying to get people to pick up rubbish so the school is clean. Every lunchtime they pick up rubbish and give out Gotchas to people that pick up lots of rubbish. We are looking forward to having a nice tidy school!

By Ollie from the Promotions Team

The Litter Pickers are ECO leaders who are trying to get people to pick up rubbish so the school is clean. Every lunchtime they pick up rubbish and give out Gotchas to people that pick up lots of rubbish. We are looking forward to having a nice tidy school!

By Ollie from the ECO Promotions Team

Mushrooms - ECO Promotions Team

We have five mushroom farms in classes all around the school. The classes are sharing the mushrooms. The mushrooms were given to us by Meadow Mushrooms.

Room 4 and Room 3 cooked the mushrooms in butter and we ate them with toothpicks. Most people loved the mushrooms.

The mushrooms must be in a shady place to grow. Mushrooms need water. They grow in 2-5 days. We are surprised that they can grow very fast and very big.

Aria - ECO Promotions Team

Craft Day

Check out some of our work at Craft Day and some of the other amazing pieces we saw around the school. 
Craft Day on PhotoPeach

Craft Day

I like craft day and it is so fun because you get to see all the creations that people make.  Take a look at Quaid's tambourine.
By Arohaina

Thursday, 20 March 2014

In the Weekends

Me and Sevao and mum and dad went into town ask our brother if we could stay over and he said yes.  

My niece, my brother and I played call of duty 4  on his PS3.  We played 4player and it was fun in the game.  The next day we went to the pawn shop in town.   I bought  two games and a controller.
By Tuala

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Amazing home learning

Arohaina went home and worked on her bonds to 10. What great independent home learning!

At Martial Arts

First I sign in then I put my stuff in my locker. 
If I get there early, I get to play on the playground. Then I have to check the time to see if it is time to start training. 
Next we do some stretches. Then we play a game and it is octopus. 

The Grand Master tells us which belt is in for training. Then we go to grey lines. Then we do the punching and kicking rutting.
Then we go to gray lines then we go home.

At martial arts I learn kick and punch routines.  I need to be A+ adventurous to learn my new combination and listen VERY carefully.

Tuala 19th March

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Camp Ipad Challenge

Camp iPAd Challenge

Check out the first of our camp movies.  Have they meet all the criteria on the challenge sheet?

Monday, 10 March 2014

Book review: Dragonbreath

Aria found another book in the Dragon-breath series! 
The name is ‘Revenge of the Horned Bunnies’.

I like this book so far because it is funny and I can guess I will enjoy it because I have read other books in the series. 

Make sure you get this book out of our class library or this one came from the Riccarton Library. Write me a comment to tell me what you think of this series.  

Going to Martial Arts on the Bus

Every week me and my brother go to the bus stop and wait for the bus.  We have to put our hand out so the bus driver knows that we want to get on the bus. 
When the bus gets there, we get on and then we swipe our cards through a machine. We have to tell the bus driver where we need to go.
The driver takes us there then we get off and have to wait for the 88 to come. It takes us to where we do martial arts at 4:10pm. We finish at 5:00 pm then we wait for our parents and get hot dogs on the way home.  
We are A+ adaptable when we make this journey.

By Tuala 10/3/14

Sunday, 9 March 2014

ECO Team Job Descriptions

Check out the ECO Team job descriptions.

These are opportunities for you to take a role of responsibility - even before being in the Senior Learning Team.  Check out the blog post on the ECO Team Blog by clicking on this link.

Are you someone who wants to make a difference to our school and environment?  
Come to the ECO Team Meeting on Monday last break.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Reading Disease

Waka Endeavour has a disease.

The disease is getting to be worse. We might have to 
stay at home!   

Someone had to stay at home and they had to 
read 30 books!

That is the reading disease.

By Arohaina