Daily 5 Literacy

Daily 5: (Reading)
Daily 5 is an approach to teaching Literacy that focusses on the strategies and fluency in reading rather than completing lots of worksheets about books.  It makes learners aware of their next learning target and gives them the confidence to choose to use a range of strategies to develop their comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding their vocabulary.

Listening to Reading:
Funny Poems - text and read out loud
Giggle Poetry

Storyline Online - listen to people reading
Online Storytime - listen to people reading
Online Stories 1
Online sories 2

Story Bee 4-9
Story Bee 10-12

Story On-line

Huge collection of stories :)

The House of Scary Words:  
Journey to Darkest Somewhere: 
Garfield Stories:  
Tale of Jeremy Fisher: 

The Cat in the Hat - get the book
The very hungry caterpillar - get the book

Reading to Self:
Books and Authors:  
A really cool website where you can check out cool new kids books.  Click here to visit the Leap into Books Blog.  Find out the genre, a quick summary and a suitable reading level.

How to pick a 'Good Fit' book.  Have look at this advice to help you make a good choice.  Good Fit Books link.

Working on Writing:

Story Starters:  Click on this website to spin the topic, who you are writing to and what the plot is.  Give it a go and print off your results!                                                

Touch Typing Challenges:
BBC Dance Mat Touch Typing:
Work through the levels until you are a pro!

Work on Words:

(How many words can you find?  Write them in your book)

Verb subject agreement game:
Play this game if you are not sure which one of these looks right...
You is making dinner or you are making dinner

Spelling LCWC:  Check out this cool computer version of the Look, Cover, Write and Check approach to learning your own spelling words.

Free Rice:
Extend your vocabulary and help the World all at the same time.  How many grains of rice can you add to our class running total?

Spelling Match

Construct a word

Phonics Stage 5
Diagraphs and Blends
Visit this website to work on your diagraphs and blends.

Phonics Stages 6 and 7
Long Vowel Sounds
Visit this website to work on your long vowel sounds.