Friday, 5 April 2013

Before Sunrise - Sam

Surely there is something more interesting in life than just sitting here watching these shadows being naughty? Then the shadow got up and walked away.

A dark clock-face stands tall and still as the stars twinkle in the night sky. The white shining angel stands guard over the village as they rest. The roof tiles shine in the darkness. The clock face is shining out of the enveloping shadows. The houses are beautiful and have curly whirly doors. 

The bright, glowing moon lights up the little mans droopy, white eyes. The stars in the background light up. His long, floppy, squiggly aerial wiggles in the spiral moonlight and his white, lonely looking eyes light up bright. His long face looks to me a bit like a tadpole. His skinny legs take him a long way.

A glow of golden light bursts out of the two library doors and shines out into the distance. Creeping through the moonlight, he struggles to get up the stairs of the library. A gasp escapes his mouth. Huge piles of books surround him. He is drawn in by the warm, golden, glowing light he sees from outside.

On the table stands a bright, glowing faced candle. She flutters golden diamonds as they twinkle to the ground. He tries to kiss her but is burnt by her flame and goes to the roof top. 

He looks down at his burn and feels the candle die as the librarian blows her out. The shadow gasps, widens his eyes and runs over to collapse at the base of the candle. 

A few seconds later he discovers that there is something behind him. The candle has become a shadow just like him from her smoke. He turns around and is overwhelmed by what he sees. His lonely eyes become happy as they embrace and kiss.   

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  1. very well written Sam , great use of descriptive words left me wanting to read more and more ! looking forward to your next work my friend ! yours sincerely Randall Read (New York Times Inc).


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