Sunday, 30 November 2014

Our own 5 Sentence Challenge

Check out this image and fill in the SOLO sheet to gather nouns with adjectives, verbs with adverbs, similes and magical words. You can either choose to write this as a five sentence challenge or do a 10 minute challenge on it!

The Dream GIver - Quaid

In the still darkness, while the church steeple stood tall, a light flickered from a window. Another glowing light darting through the sky. Secretly flying.  His little fingers slipped through the wooden shutter of an orphanage to slowly open it. The starange man's dragonfly wings clatter around when he gets closer.
The Dream Giver who was he and what did do every night?

As he enter the dark dormitory, the Dream Giver switched his ancient goggles to night vision. They had protected his sensitive eyes on the last trip to harvest dream eggs. With no time to lose, he hovered over a bed with the golden glowing eggs.

His precious dream eggs were cracked onto a book with an astronaut on it. Suddenly, the little boy from the bed was floating in space like an astronaut. The stars shone. This was the best dream he'd  ever had.  while he floated happily, his legs twitched on the bed, causing a golden egg to fall. It broke onto the page of The Shadow Monster. This was not a good dream. Lights flashed and the small astronaut was sucked into a wormhold to another universe.

He woke up on a island with big tall trees and dancing butterflies. The small boy crept around and he saw a cave statue of a ancient face. Then he saw a mystery temple. It had glowing yellow eyes. It was the Shadow Monster. It was chasing him. He ran for his life then he nearly fell off a cliff. He turn around and saw a giant beast! The big beast roared at the astronaut face and saliva flew everywhere! 

Back in the orphanage, the Dream Giver saw the terrible dream in the book.  He had to help! Bravely he flew into the dream and began throwing magically eggs at the monster. They soaked into the ground and grew giant roots and branches. The beast was trapped.  The boy was safe!

The boy woke up and looked at the book that was on his bed. It was turnned to the page he had dreamed about. The Dream Giver's shadow showed on the bed and then zipped out of the room.

The Dream Giver - Sammy

Once upon a time there was a Dream Giver who gave dreams to people. He went to an orphanage and gave dreams to kids. 

The first dream he gave was a ballerina dream and the second one was a dream about an astronaut. One of the children knocked a golden glowing egg off the bed and onto a page in a book about the Shadow Serpent who was a bad creepy monster.  It chased the boy in the dream to the edge of a cliff. Then the Dream Giver came and dropped an egg.  It grew into a seedling which grew over the monster and squeezed the monster to death.

The boy woke up and started to read the book on his bed and realised it was all about his dream.

The Dream Giver by Rosie

In the dark shadows of the middle of the night, things happened while the villagers slept. A sudden flash of light flittered past heading towards the orphanage. His dragonfly body was bony and he wore hardly any clothes - except for a pair of magical night vision goggles. His big saucer eyes hid the hidden the secrets within his soul. This strange man was the Dream Giver. His bony fingers wrapped around the wooden shutter. 

He crept in and looked around the orphanage.  Out came the first illuminated egg from his rough sack.

The Dream Giver gently cracked the next illuminated egg onto the football at the end of a little boy’s bed. The football players came running out of the egg. "They shoot. It’s a goal for the All Whites!" came the shouting sounds over the loud speakers. The Dream Giver stood up with a satisfied look on his face. 

 The next egg got cracked onto two little figures of a Border Collie and a Kerry Blue Terrier. In the dream the girl was in a field of long grass next to her dogs Fern and Pipi. They played and the day never ended. 

 The final egg was cracked onto a book of a astronaut opend on a small boy's bed. He suddnely found himself happily doing summersaults through space. His legs wer wriggling and knocks an egg onto a book called The Shadow Lizard. This was not a good dream! A huge whirlpool sucked him up into a new world. 

The small boy woke up dazed into a world of Autumn trees and surrounded by dancing butterflies. Then he turned to see threatening carved faces made of stone with scary faces. Then with a sudden BOOM, two yellow eyes jumped out from beneath the hidden cave. The Shadow Lizard chased him.

Back at the orphanage the Dream Giver saw the terror that the boy would be seeing. He had to help!

The little boy was running for his life. He ran straight through the forest and then had to skid to a halt at the edge of the cliff. He turned in horror and saw the large Shadow Lizard sneering over him, breathing heavily. The boy covered his eyes so he didn't see the great drops of slobber! The roar was like a tremendous THUD! This was the end he thought to himself. Then he heard a mighty roar of anger. He looked up to see the Dream Giver dropping eggs to the ground. The giant branches wrapped around the Shadow Lizard then its head hit the ground. It was dead! The boy was safe. 

Back at the orphanage, he woke up and found the book of his dream open on his bed.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Secret Garden Fundraising

Can your family help us fundraise for the Secret Garden?

Top Team

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5 Sentence Challenge Commenting

We are part of the blogging community and need to take the time to comment constructively on the work of younger writers.  This is because we are AKO Kids.

Take a look at this link and the class FIST LIST to remember what the success criteria are for commenting.  Constructive comments

This is the current Five Sentence Challenge Prompt.
Here are the children who need constructive comments on their work. LINK
Can you find the numbers that I am responsible for commenting on?

At the end you need to put these things:

Sam 9 & Kaylee 9 - Kids from New Zealand 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

10 Minute Writing Challenge

This week there are two workshops using these images as a 10 minute writing challenge. You must complete the worksop once and publish the piece on your blog.

The images are 'Free to use' from Richard at

Words and information you might find useful for your challenge:
  • Tower of London, England
  • Installation by ceramic artist Paul Cummins
  • One hundred years since Britain’s involvement in the First World War
  • A total of 888,246 ceramic poppies in the moat around the Tower of London
  • Each poppy represents British or Colonial military fatality during the war
Magial words:
cascade, representation, like a carpet of blood, consuming, flowing like a river, ancient walls stand like…, poppies standing tall like..., 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dream Giver

Māori creation myth

Check out this wonderful telling of the story.  It doesn't even use any words.

Here is another version of the story.
Is this entertaining?
Does it have a more important purpose than just being entertaining?

This myth tells how the world was created.
It also tells us how the North and South Islands and even āoraki came into being.
These myths are an oral history, a way of remembering shared knowledge.  

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Home Learning - Estelle

This ia Estelle's home learning. Remember that your task is due in by Week 7.

Great work Estelle and well sone on getting it finished early.  The only thing that would improve your challenge is if you acknowledged your images.  Did you do an advanced search and check usage rights?