Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Art Experts Week 3

There are heaps of great opportunities to work with artists in Week 3 of our Inquiry.  You have made your choices and are beginning to complete the sessions.  I have seen some brilliant pastel drawing and fine flax flowers.  Don't forget to blog about what you are doing.

Ron Mueck exhibition
Scultpture with Leah
Pastel drawing with Mike Glover
Arty books with Tiffany

Soap carving, string art, mosaics, dance, drama, computer composition, plaster of paris sculpture, fabric and fibre, flax weaving, Maori art, Samoan dance ....

Land art by Angus

                  A land art depiction of the ocean, complete with fish and other creatures.

Think carefully about what you learn and how you might use those skills later in our inquiry when you want to express yourself.  What is important to you that you might want to tell the world?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Land Art

Room 6 Land Art on PhotoPeach