Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Before Sunrise

The shadow did not want to live with the other shadows.  The village was quiet with tall homes and peaceful people.
Slowly the shadow sneaks out the alleyway.   There was a knight with wings with water coming from the trumpets on the top of the statue. The moon was bright and shiny.

There was something glowing from the library. The shadow was amazed it looked like a golden piece of light.
He went inside the library towards the light. He touched the candle and burnt his hand. The shadow walked out of the library and sat on top of a building and looked at his hand.

A man blew out the candle and the shadow got a fright. The shadow ran back to the library and hugged the candle. The candle turned from a candle to a twirling smoke, emerging as a shadow.  Now they were friends.


  1. Wow - what great imagery you have used in your writing! I loved the ending how the candle ended up as a shadow as well. You have used a good variety of sentences and ending your story with a short sentence works really well.

    1. Hi Miss Lyall. Thanks for commenting on our writing. We would love to come and visit your blog but we don't know your URL address. Could you please let us know so we can visit you?

  2. Hello! I am Philipp in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    I really liked the ending it was short and really nice for an ending. We also used to do Creative writing and I wrote about strange things happening in a house.How did you come up with that story?
    If you want to visit my blog the link is:

    1. Hi
      my name is Mahora
      we don't know your adress for your blog we would love to make comments on your blog

  3. Hi Philipp
    We would love to vit your blog but you have no URL
    can you please put it on

    by room 6 at springston school

  4. hi
    mahora here
    i loved the start of your writing
    you can work on telling more


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