Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Zombie Attack

This is a story that Nina and Rosie wrote yesterday together on Google Docs. The have quite an imagination between them! Do not read this if you have nightmares!

One night a little girl called Georgia went into a graveyard to visit her grandma who was buried there.  It was so foggy Georgia could not see anything. The trees were like bodies standing in the mist.
Then she heard some groaning noises. There was a black shape in the distance. Bravely she took another step forwards, then she went tumbling down a hill. At the bottom she fell on something sticky.

When she woke up it was silent and she was sitting in a mysterious gloop. It wouldn’t let go of her, no matter how hard she tried to escape!  

The misty black shape in the distance was getting closer… but was it only one? Oh no, there were hundreds! Georgia realized that they were zombies! She was so scared that it seemed like the breath was being sucked from her lungs.  

Quickly Georgia used all her strength to break free from the gloop. She was running as fast as she could.  She was running for her life but the zombies were faster.

She stopped for just a second to get her breath and waited for the zombies to eat her. But she was still alive.  They had run straight past her.  They were headed for the city!

When the Zombies got to the centre of Christchurch City they bounded into the shops looking for brains to eat for supper. While Georgia was relieved that the zombies weren't going for her, she didn’t like the sudden scream she heard from the bakery shop.
Mr Cloud the bakery owner was getting his brain pulled out. As the author, I can’t described how gross it was because it would give you nightmares!

As the zombies went from shop to shop eating brains, Georgia suddenly thought about her family.  Would they be safe?  
The Zombies were peering into the windows of each house looking for more brains. The people were terrified when they saw the ugly faces of the zombies looking through their windows. Parents rushed to collect their children from school to keep them safe. Most of them didn’t make it, but some were lucky.

The parents screamed while the kids started to wail in agony as their brains got pulled out. But unfortunately the kids were all eaten after a while. The Zombies turned around slowly and stared at the the last lot of  the people in the city.  Georgia was still paralyzed from what she had just seen.

Then Georgia realised that it was all silent. No-one moved.  There was no sound!  She knew that her mum, dad and brother were gone. She burst into tears. Would she have to live with the zombies, she asked herself?

Then the zombies were coming towards her, and fast. Again she was running as fast as she could to survive. Then she realised that it was just a nightmare. She heard her mother calling her to get up. ` ‘Georgia, Georgia time to get up. It is time for school.”

She was so glad it was just a nightmare.

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  1. Hi Nina and Rosie
    Awesome story. Did I get eaten by the zombies?

    From Sarah Mc


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