Monday, 16 June 2014

5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Rosie

Busy bustling people buying all this stuff for super. The smell of fresh cheese filled my nostrils. The noise was the worst it sounded like a herd of elephants.The tall shops and towers looked over the village. The bunting hung in the breeze like colourful dinosaur teeth.


  1. Rosie - greta work on your 5 Sentence Challenge. I love the way you have used alliteration by repeating the same sounds with 'busy bustling' and 'stuff for super'. You have also used lots of different senses to describe the market.

    What noise are you talking about? Was it the noise of the church bells or the market?
    The noise of the market chatter sounded like a herd of elephants.

  2. Thanks Allana
    How do I change my writing on class Blog? I have done it on my blog.

    1. Rosie, you log into our blog using the class e-mail then our password. Look on the 'posts' till you find yours and select 'edit'. I'll show you how on Monday. :)


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