Sunday, 8 June 2014

Five sentence challenge: Prompt #17

Are you up for the challenge?  
Do you want to enter an international writing challenge?
Can you write five of your best ever sentences?

This challenge is called the Five Sentence Challenge for kids all around the world.  It gets posted on a Thursday and must be posted on the blog two weeks later.  We have started late so our posts must be up by this Thursday 12th June.

The prompt this time is this busy market place in England.  Make sure you look really carefully at the picture so that your sentences are really interesting.

Remember to use all five of your sentences and that adding connectives can make them longser so more detail can be added.  Try using one simile, 1-2 connectives and some very 'Magical' words.

1.  Brainstorm your ideas and 'Magical' words.
2. Write a simile you could include.
3.  Write 'senses words' to include.
4.  Draft out your five sentences.
5.  Take your sentences through editing - Writer's Eyes.
6.  Look for ways to rearrange your sentences or add connectives to improve them.
7.  Publish on the class blog with the image inserted.
8.  Title - 5 Sentence Challenge #17 - Allana (your name).

1 comment:

  1. hi allana
    i think i can write 5 sentence or more sentence it looks cool to write i mite write abut

    from jaimee


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