Monday, 2 June 2014

Week 5-6 Home Play Challenge

You challenge - should you choose to accept it......  complete one of these options.

1.  Access the Kidscafe Movies via the website and do some learning at home.  How about trying 'Fried Rice', learning a Yo Yo Trick or how to Make 3 minute chocolate cake.  Link here.

2.  Plan a couple of Tweets about Kids Cafe Day or your learning.

3.  Fill out a set of instructions and storyboard to make your next Kidscafenz Movie.

4.  Carry our 1-2 more science experiments.

5.  Make a movie showing your science home learning experiment - for the blog.

6.  Make a movie or poster selling your favourite book.

7.  Carry out research or experiments to help your science inquiry team.

8.  Any special project you want to negotiate with Allana.

Be ready to share your learning on Monday of Week 7 - 16th June.  We want some cool posts on the blog so check up on the How To poster on the wall.

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