Friday, 7 February 2014

Who are Waka Endeavour?

We are looking at who we are.  What does our name really mean?

First we had to find out what endeavour meant.  This is what we came up with.  This means we have to have a goal and be working towards it.

To be 'In the Waka' we all need to be a team.  We work towards the same goal and all paddle in the same direction.  If someone falls out the waka, we need to stop and help them back in again.  We will reach our goal more quickly in the Waka than if we were on our own.

The problem is, a waka needs some paddles.  We are still thinking about the key things we believe in.  They will become our guidelines - not rules but things we follow.  We are beginning to think that we are all teachers and learners in out class so AKO could be one.  Give 100% effort might be another.  Showing respect to people and things is really important in Waka Endeavour.

Why don't your write a comment to share what you believe would make an effective learning team?

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  1. Team work will always take you far - go team Waka Endeavour, dream big, paddle hard and sail around the world, you never know what you will discover!


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