Friday, 21 February 2014

The Reading Disease is spreading!

Breaking news!
21st February 2014, 

Wake Endeavour have got a disease.  They can't stop reading books.  Every nose is in the middle of a book and the teacher has to keep sending them to the library.  We hope their parents don't mind if they read all weekend.

This disease is contagious. It is spead by the sharing of books so watch out.

The symptoms are constant reading of books, collecting magical words and the frequent visiting of the library.  If you are suffereing these symptoms then you might have contracted 'The Reading Disease'.  You should speak to your teachr or closest librarian urgently.

Reported by Sammy

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sammy
    I like the sound of the 'Reading Disease', and I think I have caught it already! I have lost count of all the books in our house, and now I have them on my iPad too.

    Mrs Taylor is going to have a BIG problem if you all want to keep reading all the time, and don't want to do anything else - imagine that, with the whole class ;-)

    What kinds of books to YOU like to read?



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