Friday, 7 February 2014

Book sell - Minecraft Handbook

I have a book I would like to recommend.  I saw it in the shop today and knew I had to buy it for our  class library because LOTS of you LOVE Minecraft!

It is an informational handbook on all the moves and tips a player needs to know.  There are lots of illustrations and often there are steps that show you what to do.

I know this book will be very popular so we might have to set up a lottery draw to see who takes it home first.


  1. I have a Minecraft book, too. The trouble is, I don't have time to read it!


  2. Hi Allana,
    I like the way you have told me the reasons why I should read this book. You could make this post better by telling me more about the book.
    Can you tell me where to borrow this book from?
    Make sure you visit us on:
    From Allana

  3. Hi Allana
    i love mine craft when the piston doors i wonder if the zombies
    from Arohaina

  4. I like what you put on the blog it is a cool book how much did that book cost


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