Monday, 24 February 2014

Kiwi @ Gemma's House

Kiwi at Gemma’s house.

First he played the piano by himself and with Tigey.  

Second he rode on my pony The Duke Of Earl in the stirrup and in the monkey strap. He helped me hold the hose to fill Earl's water trough. He had lots of fun. Except in the evening where Tigey and Kiwi were fighting when I left them downstairs so I brought them upstairs to keep them from fighting but I couldn't stop them.  Now they have finally stopped fighting! I think they were trying to see who is boss. (I think Kiwi is).  

We all read a book before bed. Tigey and Kiwi read a bit of Eeyore and the Balloon Tree.  I read some of Sleepover Stakeout.

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  1. Hi Gemma it looked like kiwi had a great time at your house. I like the way you talked about your pets.Next time you could put in some similes.Did you name your pony.


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