Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Speck @ Sarah's House

Speck dropped from the top of the swing into the play-trough. It made a big splash. Speck got soaking wet. Then Speck sunbathed on a towel in the trailer.

Next he went into the house. We made him a crown. It had a blue gem in the middle of the crown and two tiny gems on the side.

Picture perfect!

We went into the paddock. Blossom our lamb and George our goat were grazing. Speck started riding Blossom and George. George did a trick to show off to Speck but Speck ignored him and got on with riding the animals to show off his moves for the camera.

1 comment:

  1. hi sarah,
    looks like speck had a lot of fun at your house.
    speck did a lot of things.
    from Estelle on: http://springstonteamendeavour.blogspot.co.nz/


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