Monday, 3 February 2014

Spec the Wheelie Dog - @ home with Robbie

For my birthday, two days ago,  I got a kawasaki remote control 4 wheel motorbike. This is Speck doing a wheelie. "Hey Mollie the dog, what are you doing in the photo", says Speck.

Speck took off in to the paddock and he did a very good back flip, gee even better than me! He loved it! And I bet you $5 bucks he has never been on a motorbike by himself before! 

The first time he jumped the jump he had a very weird landing but didn't fall off. The next time he fell over backwards and the bike was out of control. The next time he did the back flip and landed it really well.

I liked the way his ears flew up in the air like birds wings. He looked so cool with his silver rims sparkling in the sun.Gee Speck, you should be wearing a helmet!
From Robbie

Speck the Wheelie Dog on PhotoPeach

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  1. Cool Robbie i like the flip. say hi to spec and spot for me please
    from Arohaina


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