Thursday, 6 February 2014

Book Sell - Dragonbreath

I visited Carolyn today and her son Graeson had a book he wanted to recommend to you.  It is called Dragonbreath and is written by Ursula Vernon.

Graeson loves this book because it is very funny.  It has short chapters and is sprinkled with pictures.  It is all about the challenges make-believe creatures get up to in school - like writing a report about the Sea.  The only trouble, the DRAGON in the story decides to do 'real practical' research.

It is full of cartoon sharks, rays and other sea creatures.  Think more along the line of Sponge Bob than the real thing.  It is a short book but currently has nine books in the series.

Graeson would recommend this book to people who like a laugh and things that are a bit silly.  They need to like cartoon pictures too.


  1. I tried to buy this book at the shop today but they haven't stocked it for ages so I try another option. I have just ordered the first two books in the series from the Uk and they should be here in a couple of weeks. I wonder who will want to read them first?

  2. it is very important to check your comment before pushing POST. Can you see the mistake I made in the last comment?


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