Monday, 2 July 2012

Writing Seeds - Isabella's poem

Isabella has already been working on some writing for her Writing Seeds Book and here it is.  Wow, she really is motivated and it is still only Monday!  I can't wait to see the seed ideas she has in her book!

TEN LITTLE RACE CARS  By Isabella M (July 2nd)

Ten little race cars racing round the race track, 
one lost its wheel then there were nine.

Nine little race cars going for a break, 
one got lost then there were eight.

Eight little race cars racing to the track, 
one stood in a bucket then there were seven.

Seven little race cars one winning the race, 
he was so happy he raced away then there were six.

Six little race cars getting some fuel, 
one got sprayed then there were five.

Five little race cars still racing, 
the crowd of cars set an alarm clock off, 
one got frightened then there were four.

Four little race cars one calling his mum, 
called 111 instead and the police took him away 
then there were three.

Three little race cars eating some chips, 
one burnt his mouth and went to hospital 
then there were two.

Two little race cars watching TV, 
one wanted to watch Wiggle your Wheels 
so he ran away then there was one.

One little race car felt very tired, 
fell asleep for two years 
and when he woke he was big.


  1. Wow Isabella, your poem is amazing. We really enjoyed reading it.
    From Sutherland family.

  2. Chloe. Age 8
    Wow Isabella M I really liked your poem very much I want to read it again.


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