Sunday, 29 July 2012

Angus - designer to the Olympics!

To Mrs Taylor
I built this Bow and Arrow out of Lego because I watched the Archery on Sunday. The Italian team won. It was very exciting. The Italian team had to get 10 points (which is a Bullseye) to win the Gold Medal. I hope next time Korea win. China came 7th.  I also watched the swimming and China got a gold medal and a bronze medal in the breaststroke.
I hope New Zealand wins a gold medal.
From Angus


  1. Wow - that is a great design Angus. What challenges did you have to overcome? What do you think the athletes would think of your design?

    I love the writing you did to explain your bow and arrow. It told me everything I needed to know and you must have done some proof-reading to get it so perfect! Well done :)

  2. It broke easy. I made a stand so it could stand up.
    Mum did the typing last time. Next time I will
    make a diving board and a pool.

    by Angus

  3. Hi Angus, That is an awesome lego bow. I like to make things out of lego too. from Jason

  4. Hi Angus that looks like the olympic bow to me from karla

  5. Hi my name is Megan that bow and arrow is so cool

  6. Cool bow and arrow

    From Matthew

  7. wow Angus i really like your bow and arrow it is really cool and i watched the archery to.

    From Brodie age8


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