Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Eli's Snowboard - wow!

This is my snowboard that I made at home in the holidays. I got the wood that was left over from our new floor. 

Then I cut it out with the jigsaw. Then I had to sand it till it was smooth. Then we parked Dad's car on the ends to make them curve up like a brought one. 

Then I had to undercoat and spray paint the picture that I found on the internet.  Then Dad put floor polish on it to seal the little gaps. 

The last thing we did to the board was make bindings with old bike inner tubs  and mums staple gun. Finally I got to go test it. 

We went to Arthurs Pass, my ears popped about a hundred times on the way. 

Then we got to go snowboarding.

I fell off about a million times and loved it.
From Eli


  1. Eli the way you stop falling of is by nailing shoes to the bottom.


  2. Chloe age8 I think it looks like fun but falling off your snowboard. Did you go down a hill.

  3. Was it fun in authur's pass.
    Phelix age 8


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