Monday, 16 July 2012

Burning Paddock - Georgia

Hi Mrs Taylor
I took this photo because I love watching the paddock burn and I thought that you might want to put it on the blog.   From Georgia 


  1. Hi Georgia,
    I was wondering if you knew why a farmer would burn his paddock? Why does he not just dig it over - like I do in my garden? What do you think it does to the air?
    What do you think?

    1. Mum and I looked up why farmers burn paddocks and we found that the charred remains add fertilizer to the soil and its an easy way to clear the paddock of unwanted grass. But it also creates lots of smoke which isn't that nice or good for the environment. Mum dosn't like the smoke because it makes the washing smell funny.

  2. Georgia how long did the fire go on for?


    1. Hi Nathan
      the fire was still burning when it was dark, it looked really pretty.

  3. Hi Georgia
    Those paddocks are my uncles paddocks
    fires are always pretty
    bye Liam age 9


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