Sunday, 1 July 2012

How many visitors?

Thanks to a reminder from Sophie - I took a peek at our blog visitor counter and guess what...

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  1. We get a party. Where are we going to have it?

  2. Good to see you are watching the blog Eli. Where should we have this 30,000 visitors party and when? What should it look like?

    Can we have one every 5,000 visitors or would the target get bigger for next time? What should our next visitor target be?

    I wonder who visits us the most and how they know to visit us?

  3. Sorry Sophie - my fingers are faster than my brain and I deleted your comment. Try posting it again.

  4. We could have the party at the hall on the first Friday back at school. Our next visitor target could be 40,000.
    Isabella M
    Age: 8

  5. I think that room6 is going very well with all of the comments on your blog well don room6.
    From suthland family

  6. Ah im so excited 30,000 blog visitors. Could we maybe have a theme like bring a costume and dress up at the time.
    Jess springston shcool age 8

  7. Mmmm, I think we are getting carried away!

    I am happy to make a cake and we will celebrate having to read a very large number on our visitors total. No dress-ups and no hiring of the hall. I am sure we can do this during Feed & Read as we begin our new exciting book, 'When Santa Fell to Earth' by Cornelia Funke.


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